Tricolor TV is the largest digital TV operator broadcasting the TV channel package in the European part of the Russian Federation (from the Eutelsat 36A/Eutelsat 36B satellites), as well as in the territories of the Siberian district, the Ural district and the part of the Far Eastern District (from the Express-AT1 spacecraft).

In accordance with the information of the research company IHS Technology, Tricolor TV is the leader in the Russian Pay TV market (with its 30%), the operator’s percentage in the satellite segment exceeds 75%. In August 2016, the active database of subscribers of Tricolor TV included 12 million subscriber homes. The audience includes about 40 million viewers, and this means that almost every fourth citizen of the country watches Tricolor TV.

The implementation of high definition television technologies is one of the key competences of Tricolor TV. The operator is the absolute leader of HDTV viewing in the Russian Federation. In the end of II quarter of 2016, the percentage of HD subscribers of the operator has exceeded 63.3 % of the total subscriber database. The number of subscribers of Tricolor TV connected to HDTV reached 7.5 million. The percentage of HD subscribers in the structure of new connections exceeds 100%.

Tricolor TV began to broadcast in the European part of the Russian Federation in November 2005. On July 24, 2012, the company has announced the launch of the first HD-multiplex Tricolor TV Full HD for its commercial use.

On April 22, 2014, Tricolor TV began its full-size broadcasting in the Siberian region. All TV channel packages and additional services of the operator, including the first HD multiplex, became available to subscribers of Tricolor TV in Siberia, in the territory of the Urals and the part of the Far East. The large-scale expansion of broadcasting became available due to the placement of the Express-AT1 satellite in the 56 degrees East orbital position in March 2014.

On October 22, 2014, Tricolor TV became first in the Russian Federation to regularly broadcast the pilot ULTRA HD 4K TV channel. On November 18, 2015, the ULTRA HD 4K TV channel package was adopted for broadcasting on the network of Tricolor TV. On July 20, 2016 the operator brought a packet of Ultra HD into commercial operation.

On January 26, 2015, the Edinyi package was introduced as a new operator’s basic service unifying the TV viewing for all subscribers of Tricolor TV. On March 2, the following movie TV channels were included in the scope of the service (prior to that, they were available only by separate subscription for additional packages): SuperKino HD and Kinozaly Tricolor TV. Music TV channels from the Muzikalnyi package and several radio stations were also included into the Edinyi package. In accordance with the information from October 18, 2016, 210 TV channels, including 39 HDTV channels and 36 radio stations, were available to subscribers of the Edinyi package. In addition to its basic TV broadcasting service, Tricolor TV offers the range of additional services, including Detskii, Nash Futbol, MATCH! Futbol and Nochnoi, to its subscribers.

In August, 2015, the company opened the chain of sales and service centers and brand Tricolor TV showrooms. At the end of the II quarter 2016 the chain contained already 350 centers of sales and service and brand Tricolor TV showrooms more than in 280 cities of the country. The operator plans to continue active development of the project.

Tricolor TV won the Big Digit national TV prize over three years in the category of Operator Company and the prizes For Contribution to Development of the Regional Digital Pay TV Market, For Popularization of Satellite Broadcasting. In October 2011, Tricolor TV has also won the prize No. 1 Brand in Russia (People’s Brand) on the basis of open user voting. In April, 2012, Tricolor TV was awarded with the prize BRAND OF THE YEAR/EFFIE-2011 in the category of Hi-Tech Products and Services as the most successful project for creating a brand on the Russian market.

On April 23, 2016 Tricolor TV entered Ginness. World records, having established in Moscow at ENEA huge installation from 4 000 of bird nest boxes. The record was set as «The longest line of bird nest boxes». The event was organized within the ecological project of the operator — «Let’s help birds together!».


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