Tricolor TV and Eutelsat Launch Tricolor TV Territory

The new service will allow to watch high quality television on mobile devices and in public places.

Tricolor TV, a major Russian operator and one of the leading European digital television operators, will access the new audience by expanding the line of innovative products. Tricolor TV Territory is the project the provider launched in cooperation with Eutelsat.

The new satellite TV service will allow those in hotels, airports, railway terminals and other public places watch digital TV channels for free from their devices or their tablets without wasting their Internet traffic. The operator’s corporate clients now can arrange free access to popular Tricolor TV channels on their territory.

The Tricolor TV Territory service opens access to some fifty channels that are included in regular Tricolor TV programming, which will help you spend the time well while waiting for your train or airplane. The service is also recommended for cafes, outpatient clinics, gas stations and other institutions, whose customers require fast and reliable access to entertaining content. Therefore, Tricolor TV’s corporate clients will be able to satisfy their clients’ needs better and improve their loyalty.

To view the TV channel package they will just need to download a free Watch TV application, available in App Store and Google Play, and log onto the establishment’s wireless internet access that offers Tricolor TV Territory service (the customers will learn about this from a special mark on the door or at the cashier’s station). The service is available in the coverage area of Eutelsat 36C (Express-AMU1), i.e. throughout the entire European part of Russia. The service will cost 1,500 RUB a month for legal entities.

The unique offer on the Russian market is using the SmartBEAM technology from Eutelsat Company, the leading international provider of satellite technologies. SmartBEAM uses the gateway developed and produced by Neotion Company to deliver the satellite signal to smartphones and tablet PCs, using a Wi-Fi transfer station as an access point.

Alexey Karpov
Deputy Director General of Development of Linear TV
Tricolor TV Territory is a service that brings together interests of companies and their clients on a certain territory. This service has been designed in cooperation with our partners, including Eutelsat, a leading European operator of satellite communications. Our new product will be of interest to various legal entities who want to attract and keep their visitors. Their customers, in turn, will enjoy the time they spend waiting as they browse through several dozens of popular TV channels on their mobile devices.
Michelle Aziber
Eutelsat’s Commercial Director and Director of Development
Thanks to cooperation between Eutelsat and Tricolor TV, Russian users will get access to modern hi-tech product that uses SmartBEAM technology. This unique technology demonstrates the growing role of satellite communication in the development of the OTT service market and allows improving considerably the convenience and quality of watching films on a mobile device.

About Tricolor TV

Tricolor TV is the largest Russian operator of digital television that provides access to high-quality modern digital television across Russia. As of the end of the third quarter of 2017 the operator’s caller database numbers 12.24 million household. Their viewer audience numbers some 40 million people, which means that Tricolor TV is being watched by almost 1 in 4 residents of Russia. One of the key competencies of Tricolor TV lies in introduction of high definition television technology. The operator is the undisputed leader of HD TV watching in Russia. As of the end of the third quarter of 2017, the operator’s HD viewer database numbers 9.3 million households. In 2016, the operator took the fifth spot in the rating of global Pay TV operator companies according to IHS Technology survey of 2016.

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About Eutelsat Communications
Founded in 1977, Eutelsat Communications is one of the leading satellite operators in the world. Its satellite network and its ground infrastructure help Eutelsat to cover the entire world and offer a broad range of data transfer and video signal services. The company also provides services for governmental organizations, and landline and mobile communication services that help connect companies with their customers wherever they might be. Eutelsat delivers more than 6,600 TV channels for major TV platforms, and the receiving audience of Eutelsat satellites exceeds 1 billion TV viewers who watch their programs via satellites or landline networks. Eutelsat’s headquarters are located in Paris, its subdivisions and land stations can be found across the globe. Its team of experts represents 32 countries that interact daily with their customers and provide them with services of the highest quality. Eutelsat’s shares are quoted on Euronext Paris stock exchange under the code of ETL.

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