Tricolor TV Enters a New Market with a New Strategy

Tricolor TV, the largest Russian digital television operator has announced its intention to enter the market of the Far East. Residents of this region will be among the first to appreciate a new high-tech product developed by the operator as part of implementing the company’s new strategy.

As the leader of the Russian market of paid television, Tricolor TV will become a digital lifestyle operator. The operator will create a unified space for digital entertainment and family-oriented services that will be accessible from any device, at any place or time. Tricolor TV will become a large-scale platform that will provide its users access to a range of different digital services (regardless of who the provider of these services may be). To this end, the operator’s new strategy shall correspond to modern development trends and allow for shaping of new digital service consumption models by means of a wide range of non-linear application.

This development strategy has been based on a thorough analysis of changes in consumer preferences, application of the new behavior models of digital service consumers, as well as the trends of accelerated transfer of all communication to digital environments. This strategy presupposes that the company will transcend the limits of the single product business model, and will start working in new market segments.

Tricolor TV is expected to undergo rebranding as part of implementing this strategy. A world-renowned artist will take part in the project. His goal will be to create a new visual concept of the company that takes into consideration the modern digital lifestyle principles. The main product of the company will no longer be a package of TV channels. It will be replaced by a set of digital services under the common Tricolor brand.

This year, as part of implementing their new strategy, the operator has already introduced a number of non-linear services onto the market. Residents of the Far Eastern Federal District, however, will be the first to assess all the advantages of the new comprehensive service package by Tricolor TV, which opens access to high-quality TV viewing in all digital environments. The new concept will be presented in the district in the pilot mode.

The new offer will include more than 200 satellite and internet TV channels, as well as a number of non-linear services that will allow the subscribers to control their TV viewing behavior and to enjoy non-linear viewing of TV content and all the new film products in the video-on-demand format. Residents of the Far East will get the new Best on Television flagship service allowing for non-linear viewing of conveniently systematized TV content, sorted into various genres — popular programs, films and TV shows accessible via the Tricolor TV platform as well as Cinema Halls video service. The residents of the region will be the first to assess the advantages of new non-liner services: TV Archive (which will archive all shows for a period of up to seven days) and Watch from the Start (which will allow viewing any program from the beginning no matter at which point the viewer tunes in). The new functions will allow the subscriber to manage his or her TV viewing, which will make the process considerably more convenient. The comprehensive offer will cost 2,000 RUB a year.

The National Satellite Company has already rented the necessary transponder capacity on Express AT2 satellite (140o EL). All the necessary logistics and marketing work has been completed. Only new generation receivers with support of HEVC video compression and other non-linear services will be delivered to the Far East.

Director General
Our unique expertise and accumulated user experience will allow us to create digital content that will transcend TV boundaries in the usual sense of this word. Tricolor TV, in cooperation with largest global operators, has already started a transition from linear television services to services aimed at providing digital lifestyle products. Now we are at the implementation stage of this process and the rebranding process become the visual manifestation of this stage. We had planned to enter the Far Eastern market as far back as 2014, but due to a number of reasons this was not possible. However, today, with use of our new hybrid technologies, we can offer users optimal high-quality solutions that will provide all Russian TV viewers, from Kaliningrad to Kamchatka with modern multi-channel non-linear TV content.
As the leader of the Russian digital TV market, Tricolor TV seeks to ensure that every Russian TV viewer has access to high-quality modern digital television products. Now the TV content provided by the most popular TV content operator in Russia will be available to residents of the Far Eastern Federal District. Residents of the region will also be the first to appreciate all the possibilities of Tricolor TV's new digital products.
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