Corporate style of The Time of Victories with Tricolor TV project was created by the famous artist

The author of the emblem of the 300th anniversary of St. Petersburg, Vasily Shishkin, became the creator of the corporate identity of The Time of Victories with Tricolor TV project, aimed for popularization of a healthy lifestyle in Russia.

Vasily Shishkin who invented the corporate style of The Time of Victories with Tricolor TV socially oriented project is the modern artist, winner of a number of professional prizes and awards, the author of numerous publications devoted to design and advertising. Vasily created more than 1,000 trademarks, including such popular brands as Vitek, Norma, Radio Rocks and many others.

Besides executing the corporate style of The Time of Victories With Tricolor TV project Vasily Shishkin took part in the modelling of the logo of the TRICOLOR TV White Nights marathon. The bright and unique St. Petersburg race, the route of which runs through the historic part of one of the most beautiful cities in the world, is the culmination of The Time of Victories With Tricolor TV all-Russian sports project. This large-scale event is to be held on July 9, 2017, more than 10 000 athletes from 70 countries are going to toe the starting line.

Vasily Shishkin
I am glad to be able to create the image of such a large-scale sports project as The Time of Victories with Tricolor TV. The marathon movement is becoming more popular, every year more people are attracted to running, and I see a good sign in this: the society is getting healthier, and every person in it is freer because it is during the run, striving forward, to victory, overcoming ourselves, we feel strength and inspiration, becoming the creators of our success.

Again, The Time of Victories with Tricolor TV is a socially oriented sports project designed to demonstrate the benefits of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and aimed at popularizing the running and marathon movement in Russia.

Tricolor TV is implementing large-scale socially directed actions, cultural and educational, environmental and sports projects. And since the re-registration in St. Petersburg the company pays special attention to the development of the Northern capital and support of local projects such as the White Nights marathon, Singing Bridges, Open City, etc.

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