Results of the Second Pskov Tricolor TV Marathon

On May 20-21, 2017 Pskov hosted the Second Pskov Field and Track Marathon within the frames of Time of Victories with Tricolor TV socially oriented project. Sportsmen from Russia, Poland, Latvia, Estonia, and Belarus took part in this race.

The participants of the Second Pskov Tricolor TV Marathon competed on three distances: 7 km, 21.1 km and 42.2 km. The winners of the marathon distance were Mukhin Grigory (Pskov region) who ran the distance in 2 hours 48 minutes 39 seconds and Ovechkina Oksana (Moscow) who showed the best time in the female race: 3 hours 36 minutes 18 seconds.

On the semimarathon distance the first place was won by Makarevich Sergey (Pskov region) with 1 hour 14 minutes 52 seconds; the best in the female race was Stolyarova Oksana (Saint Petersburg) with 1 hour 19 minutes 21 seconds.

For Nordic walking lovers the organizers of the marathon prepared the track of 7 km. The first to finish was Lebedev Maksim (Pskov region) with 26 minutes 43 seconds. The best time among females was shown by Rozova Tatyana (Tver region): she covered the distance in 31 minutes 26 seconds.

Governor of Pskov region Maksim Zhavoronkov also took part in the Second Pskov Tricolor TV Marathon (21.1 km). The oldest participant of the Second Pskov Tricolor TV Marathon was resident of Pskov Budarin Yury (born in 1936). He ran the distance of 42.2 km. The sportsman has participated in 48 marathons. The team of Tricolor TV sportsmen also took part in this race.

The marathon was held within the frames of the great socially oriented project of Time of Victories with Tricolor TV designed to popularize field and track athletics in Russia and to demonstrate the advantages of a healthy lifestyle. Within the frames of the project Tricolor TV, the major Russian operator of digital television, motivates citizens of Russia to get involved in sports and to take part in different field and track events. The next marathon to take place with the support of the operator is the TRICOLOR TV White Nights. This sport event starts in Saint Petersburg on July 9, 2017.

Alexey Karpov
Director for Sales and Subscriber Service
The Second Pskov Tricolor TV Marathon gathered sportsmen from Russia, Belarus, Poland, Baltic countries. Participation in the marathon together with lots of like-minded people from different countries gives indescribable impressions! The Pskov track is very picturesque; it goes along the banks of the Pskova and the Velikaya rivers, through the main places of interest of the central part of the town. Amid all this beauty hundreds of sportsmen run overcoming their abilities, winning over themselves. This creates an absolutely special atmosphere! I also participated in the marathon with the team of Tricolor TV sportsmen and I am going to run again within the frames of the International Saint Petersburg TRICOLOR TV White Nights Marathon which takes place in the Northern capital pretty soon: on July 9, 2017.
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