Subscribers’ base of «Tricolor TV» has reached 12 mln.

In August 2016 the active subscribers’ base of «Tricolor TV» has exceeded 12 mln. households. By results of work within the first six months of 2016, proceeds of the biggest Russian operator of digital television have grown by 34%, EBITDA by 32%, ARPU was 1363.02 Roubles.

On 15 August 2016 the subscribers’ base of «Tricolor TV» has exceeded 12 mln. households, out of which 63.3% are HD subscribers. From 1 January to 15 August 2016, over 904.5 th. subscribers were connected to high definition television (HDTV). The total number of HD subscribers has grown by 15% and amounts to 7.59 mln. households.

«Tricolor TV» keeps demonstrating high growth of financial figures. Thus, the operator’s proceeds within the first six months of 2016 have grown by 34% and amounted to 7.84 bln. Roubles against 5.85 bln. Roubles* within the similar period of the last year. EBITDA has grown by 32%. The annual average check per subscriber (ARPU) as of 30 June 2016 amounted to 1363.02 Roubles.

Alexey Kholodov
Chief Communication Officer, Tricolor TV
The main reasons of the subscribers’ base growth in June-August are objective factors — active summer cottages season, increase of TV viewing during a major sports event, appearance of HD TV channels, implementation of the program of exchange of obsolete equipment for a new one, with support of HDTV. And positive dynamics of financial figures is connected with high potential of the operator, regular work in the area of subscriber service quality increase and ARPU growth. In 2015 the growth of proceeds by the year was 42.7%. In future, in 2016 and 2017, we plan to preserve the rate of growth and to increase it according to the market conditions.

High incomes of the company are provided not only by connection of new subscribers, but to a considerable degree by loyalty of users. The flagship of the client-oriented policy of «Tricolor TV» since last August has been own federal retail network. Now the company network includes 350 Sales and Service Centers and company salon-stores in over 280 cities and town of the country. The retail network of «Tricolor TV» carries out about one third of all exchanges under the program of exchange of obsolete satellite equipment for receivers of new generation implemented jointly with technological partners.

Alexey Kholodov
Chief Communication Officer, Tricolor TV
The main priority for us is attention to the needs of our subscribers. It is because of this that «Tricolor TV» tends to increase quality of provided services as well as content filling of its packages. By this reason we have launched the program of transfer from MPEG-2 format to MPEG-4 standard and in 2017 we plan to reject broadcasting in the obsolete format MPEG-2, which will allow us to increase the quantity and quality of TV channels, including those of high and ultrahigh definition.

Within the framework of implementation of the program of technological development, «Tricolor TV» was the first out of Russian operators to begin operation of transmitting and receiving equipment providing broadcasting in the new standard of signal compression — HEVC. In summer 2016, six HD TV channels became available in HEVC standard in the operator’s network. According to the data as of 15 August, about 600 th. subscribers view TV programs transmitted in the new compression standard.

Let us remind you that HEVC is a compression standard providing new possibilities in the area of television signal transmission. As compared with the previous formats — MPED-2 and MPEG-4, HEVC allows to significantly increase the number of TV channels and quality of display with equal volume of satellite capacity. Release of satellite capacity will create additional potential for development of other projects and services of «Tricolor TV».

According to the data as of 15 August 2016, 240 TV and radio channels, including thirty in HD format are available for the subscribers in the broadcasting zone of Express-AMU1 and Eutelsat 36B satellites who connected «Uniform» package. Taking into account additional packages, the subscribers can view 276 channels.

Alexey Kholodov
Chief Communication Officer, Tricolor TV
A modern subscriber expects high quality picture and content of television, as well as multiscreenness and interactivity. Diversity of TV channels, affordable HDTV, the only in Russia package of UHD TV channels, extra packages and services, extended program of TV viewing (the part of which is tricolortvmag.ru portal which provides subscribers with not only interesting but also useful information on a daily basis) — this is what is now forming a clear image of a national operator whom the subscriber can trust. Within the period from 1 January to 15 August, 7 TV channels in high definition format were included into the broadcasting network of «Tricolor TV», such as «MATCH! ARENA HD», ‘MATCH! GAME HD«, «House of Cinema PREMIUM HD», «Bollywood HD», History HD, «NTV HD», «Planet HD». In February the package of sports TV channels «MATCH! FOOTBALL» became available for the operator’s subscribers. The new TV channel «Tlum HD» was included into «Children’s» package.

* The data are given taking into account VAT.

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