Tricolor TV and Media Alliance launch broadcast of Eurosport 4K TV channel

Tricolor TV, a major Russian digital television operator partnered with Media Alliance, one of the leaders in the Russian pay television market, launch Eurosport 4K — Russia’s first 24 hour multisport channel in Ultra HD format. As of July 20, it is available to Tricolor TV subscribers in The Ultra HD channels package.

The Ultra HD television is becoming one of the key market trends in Russia. The 4K standard requires at least 8 megapixel of screen resolution (3840×2160), that is, the image is four times more sharp than in the Full HD format. This brings a viewer on a new level of visualization experience, creating an effect of presence and offering an impression of being in the center of the action. Meanwhile, the currently available satellite television is the media best suited for high quality transmission of UHD signal, as it is capable of transmitting large bulks of data without loss, which is required to ensure TV viewing in ultra high definition format anywhere in Russia.

Tricolor TV was the first TV operator in Russia and among the first in the world to start broadcasting 4K Ultra HD, an ultra-high definition TV channels package, back in 2015. As of today, Tricolor subscribers have access to sports, entertaining and educational channels in UHD. They can also watch movies and TV series in the ultra-high definition format.

The new Eurosport 4K channel will introduce Tricolor TV subscribers to key sports events, select matches and tournament events in ultra high definition. Eurosport 4K will broadcast a number of landmark world competitions in the UHD format, including World Cups and World Championships in biathlon and other winter sports, the World Athletics Championship, all Grand Slam tournaments, Grand Tours cycling events, the 24 Heures du Mans car race and other competitions. The new channel’s program of key sports events will be based on the content of Eurosport 1 Channel. Some of the matches and tournament stages will be available to the viewers exclusively on Eurosport 4K.

The quality of state-of-the-art TV content is continuously improving, which means that more and more ultra-high definition materials will be produced with time. For example, two Grand Slam tournaments in 2019 and select snooker tournaments in 2018 and 2019 will be originally released in 4K quality. The viewers will soon see more of the key competitions in this format.

Grigory Lavrov
Media Alliance Director General
Launch of the first full-time 4K format sports channel in Russia confirms the position of Media Alliance as a leading company on the market, which welcomes innovations and does not hesitate to be the first to implement them. Instead of simply responding to the requests of the audience, we anticipate them, and highly appreciate the support of our partners who share our vision and use state-of-the-art technical solutions. Thanks to our cooperation with Tricolor TV, our viewers will get an opportunity to watch the top ranking sports broadcasts in ultra high definition.
Mikhail Goryachev
Tricolor TV Content Director
Being a leader on Russia’s pay TV market, we are constantly searching for new broadcasting genres and formats which can help us engage the demanding subscriber audience of Tricolor TV. When Media Alliance proposed us to take part in the launch of Eurosport 4K TV channel in Russia, we accepted it, despite of having, by that time, 6 other ultra high definition channels in our offering. For us it is an experiment which, as we hope, will make our subscribers more receptive to cutting-edge TV viewing opportunities available with channels in UHD format. From 20 July to 3 August, we will be offering promo broadcasting of Eurosport 4K as part of The Ediny channel package, thus giving our audiences a chance to appreciate the fun they’d have watching sports competitions in ultra high definition. Then, starting on 3 August 2018, the Eurosport 4K TV channel will be available to subscribers in The Ultra HD and The Ediny Ultra HD packages.

Eurosport 4K will become the first UHD channel available to Tricolor TV subscribers in Siberia.

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