Tricolor TV Brought a Package of Sport Channels to B2B Market

In June 2017 Tricolor TV, the major Russian operator of digital television, put Premium Sport package of sport television channels into commercial operation. The service is intended for corporate clients and includes eight popular television channels. The of the service for broadcasting in public places is 4,500 RUR per month.

Premium Sport is a new service intended for corporate clients, owners of hotels, sport clubs, etc. The package includes eight popular sport television channels: Match! HD Arena, Match! HD Game, Match! Our Sport, Match! Fighter, Match! 1 HD Football, Match! 2 HD Football, Match! 3 hd Football, Our HD Football. Thus, the operator’s offers encompasses broadcasting of all major sport events of Russia and the world. The cost of the service for broadcasting of the package of television channels in public places is 4,500 RUR per month.

According to the information of TMT Consulting analytical agency, the B2B segment of the Russian market of paid television will grow actively in the next 5 years by 10.2% per year.

Alexey Karpov
Director for Sales and Subscriber Service
In June we launched a new offer for B2B market — Premium Sport package. We brought together the highest demand television channels which will present the most significant sport events in full volume, including the Confederations Cup and the World Football Cup. Our offer is certain to be attractive for corporate clients as it has a well balanced price/quality ratio: six out of eight television channels are presented in the high definition format, and the cost of the service is only 4,500 rubles per month.

Tricolor TV is the major Russian operator of digital television. As of March 31, 2017 the subscriber base of Tricolor TV is 12.15 mln. households. This is 30% of the entire market of paid TV. Launching the new service the operator thus expects to occupy a similar share in the corporate segment as well.

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