Tricolor TV develops new subscriber service channels

The biggest Russian provider of digital television Tricolor TV has launched new service channels — now the provider’s subscribers can get online specialized assistance using one of the popular messengers or simply by writing a message in Tricolor TV official group in a social network.

Within the framework of implementation of subscribers servicing quality increase policy, in December 2016 Tricolor TV has launched new feedback channels: with the help of WhatsApp and Viber messengers, as well as in VKontakte and Facebook social networks.

To begin communication with the provider’s technical specialist in the messenger, a subscriber must add the number of Tricolor TV Subscriber Support Service: +7 (911) 101-01-23 to the mobile phone contacts list and send a message with description of the problem or the question. Specialists reply to requests 24/7.

Besides, specialized assistance can be obtained by writing a personal message to Tricolor TV official community in VKontakte or Facebook social networks.

Alexey Karpov
Director for Sales and Subscriber Service
Tricolor TV cares for subscribers’ servicing quality increase and tries to create maximum comfortable conditions for obtaining by subscribers of quick and effective advice related to payment, search of TV channels or any other matters concerning the provider’s broadcasting. Thus from the moment of creation of Tricolor TV company network in 2015, we have increased its coverage 4 times. Now 80% of subscribers can get specialist’s advice in a company store. Besides, we actively develop new service channels. For instance, during two years the number of subscribers’ requests via Skype has increased 7.5 times, and thanks to introduction of automated system of voice message processing, in 60% of cases a subscriber gets necessary information automatically, without waiting for an answer of specialist of Contact Center. Studies have shown that about 60% of holders of smartphones use messengers. That is why in December we launched new channels — WhatsApp, Viber, VKontakte and Facebook. Now we work on implementation of servicing in «Odnoklassniki.ru» social network, and in future we will possibly start servicing in Twitter.

Let us remind you that besides sending requests via new service channels, the provider’s subscribers can get advice by contacting a specialist of Subscriber Support Service in online chat, via Contact Center or by making an online call via Skype. It is also possible to make an online call from Tricolor TV official website, where it is also possible to fill-in a technical support form or to ask a question to a virtual helper.

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