Tricolor TV has made the satellite Internet 2 times more available

In February 2018 the major Russian digital TV operator Tricolor TV offered unprecedented conditions for accessing high-speed satellite Internet as part of its new development strategy: the operator introduced new lines of unlimited tariffs on Satellite Internet services, while cost of equipment set, required for connection, fell by more than a half. The new offer is aimed to encourage a further development of satellite Internet market in Russia.

Tricolor TV continues implementation of a new strategy — transformation into the operator of digital way of life. An important area of work is the improvement of high-speed satellite Internet accessibility for Russians. In February Tricolor TV jointly with Eutelsat Networks offered new conditions of access to Satellite Internet services: the line of unlimited tariffs was renewed, and the cost of receiving equipment set fell 2 fold.

Since February individual subscribers when subscribed to Unlimited Internet 20 and Unlimited Internet 4” tariffs can get the equipment at a special price — RUB 14,990. Since the launch of Satellite Internet service in 2016 the cost of receiving equipment set fell 2.5 fold. Thus, the new offer is conductive to addressing the main issue, slowing the development of satellite Internet in Russia — the high entry threshold for subscribers.

When subscribed to Unlimited Internet 20 tariff a subscriber is granted double-ended Internet access with the maximum transmitting/receiving speed limit up to 20/5 Mbps, when subscribed to Unlimited Internet 40 — up to 40/10 Mbps. Monthly payments subject to Unlimited Internet 20 and Unlimited Internet 40 tariffs are RUB 2,990 and RUB 4,990 respectively.

Alexey Kholodov
Chief Communication Officer, Tricolor TV
In only 1.5 years we managed to reach 7 % of Russian satellite Internet market. Our major objective is providing access to quality digital services and entertainments throughout our large country. As the level of Internet penetration is unequal, and due to the geographical and climatic settings, the development of satellite Internet is the issue of relevance in Russia. Until recently, a high entry threshold and lack of unlimited tariffs have been the key stop-factors. However, along with our partners Eutelsat Networks we managed to remove these barriers. We trust that our new offer will encourage a further satellite Internet market development and provide Russians, living out of fiber optic and 3G- and 4G-networks coverage areas, with a sustainable high-speed Internet access.
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