«Tricolor TV» has supported the new project of St. Petersburg – «Singing Bridges» sound show

On the night from 22 to 23 July, a unique sound show «Singing Bridges» started, which was organized by Committee for Press and Mass Media Interaction in partnership with the biggest Russian operator of digital television «Tricolor TV».

Every night guests and residents of the Northern Capital will be able to enjoy opening of Palace Bridge to the accompaniment of great Russian classics — Chaikovsiy, Prokofyev, Rimsky-Korsakov, Sviridov, Musorgsky. The music show will last till the end of September and, as its creators hope, it will become a new symbol of the city.

Sergey Serezleev
Chairman of Committee for Press and Mass Media Interaction
Opening of bridges has been a symbol of St. Petersburg for a long time. It was decided to make accompanying sound, thus strengthening the emotional component of the event. These are the authors and compositions which embody St. Petersburg, remind of the great history of the city and of all our country.

Four track lists of 20 to 25 minutes consisting of 8 to 9 compositions of Russian classics were compiled for the project jointly with St. Petersburg Culture Committee. The music series will be concluded by Hymn for the Great City by Gliere. Every week the accompanying music will be changed so that residents and guests of the city could fully enjoy the event they already like, which has been transformed into a real show.

Elizaveta Kapralova
Chief Communication Officer, Tricolor TV
In December 2014 Agreement for interaction and cooperation was signed between St. Petersburg and «Tricolor TV». According to the terms and conditions of the Agreement, we have got reregistered in St. Petersburg. There are many things which connect «Tricolor TV» with the city, and we are glad that St. Petersburg residents will witness origination of the new tradition with direct participation of the operator. Classical music will organically supplement the symbolic event for St. Petersburg — opening of the bridges. So without doubt «Singing Bridges» have a good chance to go down in history of the city.

The project has a huge potential. Already next year it is planned to add Troitsky Bridge to the list of «singing» bridges, and to hold an international competition for writing a musical composition specially for the show with involvement of world stars of opera and variety art. Besides, in May 2017 the start of the new season of the project is planned to be opened with the gala concert in the open air — «Starts of the Singing Bridges».

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