«Tricolor TV» has taken part in Digital 007 marketing conference

Largest Russian digital TV provider «Tricolor TV» took part in Digital 007 marketing conference, which was held on June 1, 2015 in Saint-Petersburg.

The conference has attracted 17 marketing experts, the main discussion topic were actions undertaken by professionals in crisis conditions.

Alexander Starobinets, marketing director of «Tricolor TV», has appeared at this event with a presentation «Crisis marketing: features of advertising policy management». Alexander has explained what is crisis, what the things that promote the crisis are, and what policy is most preferable in stagnation period. According to marketing director, decline in demand for seller’s product, caused by external negative economic circumstances, inevitably involves decline in the advertising market, so it is required not only to change the product, but also to reconsider its advertising. The decision to stop advertising is basically erroneous, it is necessary to debalance media mix.

Alexander Starobinets
Marketing Director, Tricolor TV
But crisis will not last forever, and, having avoided these errors, the company can easily pass it. «Add some emotion to the product» — that is a correct way, which «Tricolor TV» has used, having enriched its «Edinyi» package with a large number of required content — cinema and music. Our financial parameters of the second quarter do confirm that that was correct choice.

Digital is a platform where all the marketing experts can share their experience, discuss trends and meet colleagues. The conference was held in «007» format for 7th time, in the city of Saint-Petersburg, at Crowne Plaza Airport hotel, and has attracted several hundred participants.

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