Tricolor TV shows latest movies at price of 49 rubles

Since June 2017 users of the satellite service «Kinozaly «Tricolor TV» can get an access to high-rating movies watching. As puts it Andrey Kholodny, Deputy Director General of Tricolor TV, the new service gives to every citizen an opportunity to watch digital television at home by giving the Russians the access to the most popular content and also stimulates the development of a legal market for video-on-demand.

The major Russian operator of digital TV Tricolor TV introduces a new option in the service «Kinozaly «Tricolor TV» which allows you to watch movies at special prices. So already on June 16 the subscribers of Tricolor TV will be able to watch «The Time of the First» at price of 49 rubles, and the film «Attraction» at 69 rubles. You can make payment in three ways: via SMS, in the User's Personal Area or by a bank card on tricolor.tv. Each new film is available within 30 days from its appearance in the «Kinozaly «Tricolor TV», the subscriber has 48 to accomplish watching since it has been started. Dynamic update of the service library allows maintaining the interest of the user offering the most current content.

This service is unique thanks to deliverance of the video content to subscribers through a satellite channel, no connection to the Internet is required — to use the service Tricolor TV subscribers need only a satellite receiver with built-in memory card or the ability to download the content to an external storage device. At the same time, the subscriber no longer needs to monitor the schedule of the program, the film session or wait until the film is downloaded. One can start watching the selected film immediately after the payment is made, at any convenient time.

The new service is available to subscribers in the European part of Russia, in the Siberian, Ural and parts of the Far Eastern districts. Thus, millions of Tricolor TV subscribers throughout Russia will have an opportunity to watch the most popular latest films at an attractive price. Service is designed to eliminate digital disparities, including by providing access to new cinema products to residents of even the most remote settlements, where are no cinemas and access to the Internet.

The «Kinozaly «Tricolor TV» service provides an opportunity to watch films in a nonlinear mode: pause, rewind, etc. This feature appeared in «Kinozaly «Tricolor TV» in the IV quarter of 2016, in the video library there were free movies only. Now, in addition to free of charge films, users of the service can watch top-rated films every week at low prices starting from 49 rubles. This paid service became acsessible after successful negotiations of Tricolor TV with production studios and film distributors. In particular, an agreement was reached with Sony Pictures Entertainment to acquire rights to screen the film «Attraction» in the end of June.

Additional monetization of «Kinozaly «Tricolor TV» is a key point in the operator's strategy to expand the product line. In the first quarter of 2017 the number of subscribers having access to the updated service «Kinozaly «Tricolor TV» increased by 27% reaching 1.74 millionhouseholds. The company is charting the further development of non-linear services and providing consumers with demanded video content, own revenue and average customer check (ARPU).

Andrei Kholodny
Deputy General Director for Development of Nonlinear Services
The annual volume of the paid TV market in Russia is more than 70 billion rubles. And the video-on-demand market is only 11 billion rubles. The reason for the lag is well known: this segment is occupied by Internet pirates. Further development of the market can be realized through combating piracy, making legal content more accessible both in terms of its value and the comfort of its receipt for the subscriber.
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