Tricolor TV Subscribers Choose Russian Telecontent

For the first time Tricolor TV, the major Russian operator of digital television, has published a map of subscribers’ preferences created on the basis of its own telemeasurement system. Almost 37% of viewers watch paid theme-based television channels. At the same time 91% of Tricolor TV subscribers prefer television channels with a considerable share of domestic content.

According to the data of Tricolor TV own telemeasurement system, in 2016 36.67% of TV viewers watched paid theme-based television channels included in Tricolor TV packages. 63.33% of subscribers chose the content of public federal television channels. Paid foreign television channels had 8.82% of the operator’s audience.

The ratings reflect the data on televiewing by theme-based groups of television and radio channels: genre lists. The genre lists in Tricolor TV system were formed on the basis of researches of consumer behaviour in choosing and forming the list of preferred television channels. For example, the subscribers preferring the film content or creating a list of channels for children place the television channels with a similar content on the positions immediately one after another in the settings of the TV set. The rating of the theme-based group is the aggregate rating of all television channels included in a particular genre list.

Public federal television channels form a separate class, take the 1 — 20 positions in the general list of channels and are not additionally distributed by genre lists.

Based on the results of 2016 the average aggregate share of televiewing of public federal channels accounted for 63.33%. The highest ratings of televiewing were noted in January and October. The lowest ratings were in August. The three leaders of televiewing of Russian national television channels included Carrousel children’s channel (jointly produced by the First channel and VGTRK) with the share of 7.62% over the period being considered.

The highest aggregate share of televiewing of paid television channels with Tricolor TV subscribers is made by the channels of the Films and Serials category (14.15%), children’s television channels (6.67%) and the Entertainment category (5.39%). The least share is that of educational channels (0.14%).


The content of domestic production dominates in the majority of genres: 13.24% against 0.90% in the Films and Serials block, 5.04% against 0.35% in the entertainment segment, 2.64% against 1.58% in the educational block, 0.46% against 0.07% among informational channels, 1.83% against 0.38% among musical channels and 1.35% against 0.17% among sport channels. An exception is the category of paid children’s television channels where the share of televiewing of foreign channels is 5.30%, which is considerably higher than the share of the television channels produced in Russia (1.37%).

Mikhail Goryachev
Chief Content Officer, Tricolor TV
The availability of the own system of telemeasurements enables Tricolor TV operator to form packages based on precise data of televiewing. Tricolor TV uses the international practice of the test broadcasting mode when a television channel is included into the network for a limited period by the results of which the actual viewers’ interest in the television channel is recorded directly in the operator’s network.

An important factor in the comprehensive assessment of the ratings of a particular channel is the aggregate rating of television channels of similar topics. For example, the niche of educational Tricolor TV television broadcasts 34 channels, their aggregate rating exceeding the indicator of a particular channel in this category several times. Such an approach ensures availability of a high quality and diverse content in the packages and provides the subscriber with the opportunity to choose programs which meet his expectations the best. Besides, based on the ratings of the genre lists the operator gets the necessary data about the popularity and, accordingly, the necessity of developing a certain area. In 2016, for example, we witnessed considerable growth of interest in the Films and Serials category and in autumn we already introduced new «Nash detective» and «Nash kinoroman» channels which has taken a worthy place in the list of high-demand channels.
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