Tricolor TV Summarizes H1 2018 Results

Tricolor TV, Russia’s largest digital TV operator, continues its transition from a single-product business model to shaping the first multi-platform digital environment operator in Russia. In scope of its new strategy, Tricolor TV creates a complex family-oriented entertaining media scene and services accessible from any device, anywhere and at any time. As of June 30, 2018, Tricolor TV overall subscriber base amounted to 12.246 million households, while the number of HD subscribers increased to 9.9 million.

As per H1 2018 results, Tricolor TV has demonstrated growth of its financial indicators. In particular, revenue of the operator for the first 6 months amounted to RUB 8.88 billion, a 4 % increase compared to the same period last year, while ARPU amounted to RUB 1.590. As of end of June, a total of 262 TV channels was available to Tricolor TV subscribers, including 42 channels in high definition, 7 in ultra-high definition format, 48 radio stations, along with high-tech broadcasting control functions: TV Archive, Watch from the start, and Best on TV content suggestion system.

Tricolor TV goes on with active implementing of its new development strategy aimed at creation of a complex family-oriented entertaining media scene and services. Given that the model of content consumption in Russia is rapidly changing with emergence of a new type of users who do not use satellite connection, the operator pays close attention to the Internet as a development area. Over 63 % of Tricolor TV subscribers (some 7.8 million people) already have the possibility of connecting to TV viewing and access the operator's services via the Internet.

An increasing number of subscribers have expectations for enhanced quality of TV viewing, availability of content in HD and UHD formats and possibility of using smart services for adapting channel viewing to their preferences. Therefore, technology partners of Tricolor TV are developing state-of-the-art equipment capable of supporting more complex software and video content in high and ultra-high definition formats, and of providing advanced setting options for digital products.

Tricolor TV will continue to introduce innovations and develop the opportunity of access to comprehensive digital services and high-tech options enabling efficient interaction with the audience. Beyond a set of various high-quality TV channels, the channel will offer its subscribers a universal content product that meets the needs of a modern inhabitant of the digital environment.

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