Tricolor TV Will Select the Best on TV for Its Subscribers

Tricolor TV, the major Russian operator of digital television, introduces the new Best on TV nonlinear service into test operation. Owing to the unique mechanism of selection it systematizes and records the television content and enables the subscriber to view popular television programs at any convenient time. Tricolor TV personifies TV viewing and opens access to high quality and interesting content for the subscriber without binding to the airtime.

The Best on TV is a new service offering subscribers a selection of recorded TV airtime programs conveniently classified by genres and topics. When the service is launched, the subscriber sees thematic video selections of popular television programs gathered for the subscriber from TV channels included in Tricolor TV. The videos are displayed in the reversed chronological order starting from the recently broadcasted on the air to the later ones. The records are kept on the receiver (if it has onboard memory) or on the external memory connected to it and are accessible for viewing at any convenient time. The content is refilled automatically and the service functional provides for the possibility of deleting the records, which will enable the subscriber to form his own library of interesting videos.

The new service conveniently systematizes the content accessible for subscribers on different TV channels included in Tricolor TV. It is a navigator throughout the diversity of TV programs and makes TV viewing still more comfortable for the subscriber.

The use of the service does not require connection to the Internet. It is enough for the subscriber to install the latest version of software.

The Best on TV service is currently available in the test mode and accessible for Tricolor TV subscribers for free in addition to the subscription for the basic service.

Andrey Kholodny,
Deputy General Director for development of Tricolor TV nonlinear services
We want to make TV viewing still more comfortable, flexible and personified. The Best on TV service has been developed in the trend of the European content discovery nonlinear services and enables subscribers both to view selections of TV airtime program recordings at any convenient time and to form their own library of interesting videos. While we are launching it in the test mode, it will be accessible for subscribers for free. However, we can already say that the service has a great potential both in terms of its further development and expansion of the function and monetization.

It is to be recalled that the subscribers of the operator can also use the Cinema Halls service owing to which the user daily receives three new films for free via the satellite channel and can also watch cinematography novelties and popular films for 69 rubles per content unit.

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