User account of Tricolor TB has become mobile

Tricolor TV, the major Russian operator of digital television, has developed an application which will enable the subscribers to control the settings of the User Account, to monitor the state of their account and to make online payments for the services.

Tricolor TV has developed and launched an application letting the subscriber to use the functions of his User Account from any mobile device. The application is called Tricolor TV and is available for downloading in App Store and Google Play.

By means of the application the subscriber can connect services, change tariffs, control the money balance on all accounts and allocate money, pay for the services by means of a payment card, bank card or debiting the mobile phone. Besides, the application contains the history of payments, information on special offers, answers to the most frequently asked questions. In case if the subscriber has failed to find the answer to his question in the list of the most frequently asked ones, he can address the technical support service right in the application and all the necessary subscriber’s data will be loaded automatically.

Unlike with the browser version of the User Account on the website of tricolor.tv, the mobile User Account can be accessed by one click, so it has become still more convenient to check the account and to control Tricolor TV services.

Alexey Karpov
Director for Sales and Subscriber Service
Tricolor TV is both the leading player on the market of digital technologies and the leading operator in terms of the quality of digital services for subscribers. For example, in 2016 we launched new feedback channels in social networks and by means of popular Viber and WhatsApp messengers and since this April we have started operation of a new mobile application. We are sure that the subscribers will appreciate the convenience of using of the Tricolor TV User Account on their smartphones.
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