Tricolor TV Supports the «Otkrytyi gorod» Project

Tricolor TV is the general partner of the «Otkrytyi gorod» cultural and educational project organized by Saint Petersburg Municipal Department of the All-Russian Society for Preservation of Monuments of History and Culture Non-Governmental Organization under the auspices of the Committee for Government Control, Use and Protection of Monuments of History and Culture.

The primary objective of «Otkrytyi gorod» project is popularization of historical places of Saint Petersburg which used to be inaccessible for free visiting. Owing to the project Petersburg residents and guests of the city got the possibility of attending free excursions, master classes, lectures and city quests round the cultural heritage facilities: administrative and judicial buildings, diplomatic representative offices, organizations with access control, private possessions, religious buildings, including those closed for restoration works, and other architectural monuments.

Chief Communication Officer, Tricolor TV
Tricolor TV has traditionally supported cultural projects, and Saint Petersburg is a special city for us. Over two years ago the company reregistered in Saint Petersburg. Since then the city on the Neva has been our home, and we pay special attention to its development. Last summer the operator jointly with the Committee for Press and Cooperation with Mass Media of Saint Petersburg launched the Singing Bridges project which has already become a new calling card of the Northern Сapital. And Tricolor TV certainly could not disregard such a socially significant project as the «Otkrytyi gorod». We are pleased with the opportunity to open new Saint Petersburg for the residents of Petersburg and all the country. And we have provided for special terms of participation in the project for Tricolor TV subscribers.

The project was launched in September 2014 and since then 314 events have been organized, 8,000 have been able to visit the historically significant places of the city formerly inaccessible. This year the program of the events is supposed to be complemented through expansion of the list of objects for excursion demonstration and increased number of quests. The season of the Open City project starts in April.

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