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A response to the challenges of the pandemic: Tricolor has launched an educational TV channel together with the Ministry of Education

22 Апреля 2020
A response to the challenges of the pandemic: Tricolor has launched an educational TV channel together with the Ministry of Education

A new educational TV channel MY SCHOOL online, having become a part of Tricolor, is meant to make up for the peculiarities of online education. The coronavirus pandemic has introduced its own amendments to the educational process — schools across Russia have switched over to online education. However, not all students and teachers have proven to be ready for a new reality having faced both technical difficulties and the lack of active feedback, which makes acquiring of knowledge very difficult. You can watch the channel anywhere in our country as free access to it has been granted to the owners of Tricolor's receiving equipment for watching TV, including clients with inactive subscription, as well as users of a free online application Tricolor Kino I TV.

The transition to online education has become a surprise for many students, their parents and teachers who often complain about the lack of necessary technical means for organisation of a distant learning process, as well as problems with video communication. Tricolor, a multiplatform provider with a multi-million audience which has launched a new TV channel MY SCHOOL online together with the Ministry of Education, will help people to adjust to a new format of education and prepare senior school students for their exams.

The best teachers of Russia are working on the content for this educational TV project. For the first time in the history of the Russian television, 30-minute classes in school subjects, which will be shown daily, are available to the viewers. The main information materials will be devoted to two subjects, Russian and Math, the examinations in which are compulsory, as well as subjects most popular with the students, the examinations in which are optional. On the first day, 8 lessons together with educational video lessons dedicated to career guidance will be broadcast on the channel, and they will be repeated in different time zones for the comfort and convenience of the students irrespective of their places of residence. You can learn the broadcast schedule in any convenient way, for example, in the TV guide of the channel itself, on the website of the Ministry of Education or on the portal Russian Electronic School.

The educational TV channel MY SCHOOL online is available to everyone. You can watch the channel via satellite1 (channel No. 408 in the general channel list) or online using a free application Tricolor Kino I TV on Smart TVs (Samsung — ОС Tizen; Sony/Philips — Android TV; LG — webOS), smartphones and tablets (iOS, Android). Clients of the provider with hybrid receivers connected to the Internet and users of Tricolor Kino I TV can use the service Manage Your Broadcast (with which they can pause and rewind broadcasts, watch current programmes from the beginning and access archive of programmes shown during last 7 days), so that no video lesson will be missed by senior school students. The channel MY SCHOOL online will continue its broadcast until the end of the school year.

The Minister of Education Sergei Kravtsov commented, "We believe that it is very important to help students master the material of the general education programme that they need to pass their final exams. For these reasons we have used television resources and launched an educational broadcasting with a huge coverage, thus maximizing access to the lessons taught by the leading teachers of the country."

Roman Makhaev, Tricolor's Director of Sales and Customer Service, says, "Today students and teachers have found themselves in a difficult situation - we all know what challenges they have to face during online education process, moreover, the students still need to pass their final examinations. In close cooperation with the Ministry, we have prepared broadcasting resources, which will make the educational process as convenient and stimulating as possible both in the presentation of materials and the knowledge gained. Tricolor has the largest subscriber base of satellite TV users in Russia, so several tens of millions of viewers will see the channel’s broadcasts, including residents of remote regions of Russia, where there is no digital terrestrial or cable television, and the capabilities of high-speed internet are very limited."

In order to watch the channel MY SCHOOL online via the Internet, one need to download the application Tricolor Kino I TV in App Store, Google Play or Huawei AppGallery. After installation one need to log in using the Tricolor ID and password from a personal account. People who are not yet clients of the provider will get Tricolor ID and password after registration in the application with their telephone numbers.

Within the territory of the European Russia and Siberia.

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