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A time-tested operator: Tricolor will update the receiver free of charge for customers with a long history

4 Июля 2022

Tricolor customers who have been using the operator’s services for 10 years or more have an opportunity to exchange their obsolete equipment for new equipment free of charge. The upgraded receiver with Ultra HD support will have annual subscription to the United Ultra service activated.

The “Swap for 2500” promotion helps customers get modern equipment for free to watch satellite TV in ultra-high definition and online broadcasting format. Customers who signed a contract with Tricolor 10 years ago or earlier (before July 14, 2012) and kept their old receivers can take part.

To take part in the promotion, you need to make an application at the website tricolor.tv or by calling Customer Service, bring your outdated equipment to a dealer or a Tricolor dealer’s shop, and simultaneously pay for a subscription to the flagship service of the operator “United Ultra” for 12 months. In return, the customer will obtain a new receiver, with which he can watch more than 200 channels via the satellite, including Ultra HD format. In addition, the United Ultra subscription includes access to the online service “Tricolor Cinema & TV” and free maintenance with 24/7 technical support. The promotional offer is valid until July 14, 2022.

“Tricolor is a reliable operator that has been successfully operating on the market for many years, constantly improving the quality of services and offering quality content. The new offer can help clients who have been with us for a long time personally appreciate how we have grown over the past decade,” says Roman Makhaev, Tricolor Operations Director.

Tricolor Cinema & TV online service includes more than 30 thousand movies and TV series (content units), including PREMIER and AMEDIATEKA content, and more than 200 channels*. They are available for watching at the website kino.tricolor.tv, in the Tricolor Cinema & TV app for mobile devices and Smart TV, as well as in the “Cinema” application on internet-connected hybrid receivers and TV Box. In the online service, customers can also use interactive features when watching TV channels: pause, rewind, watch from the beginning and access the archive of programs for seven days.

Tricolor is a multiplatform operator that develops a shared information space of entertainment and services for the entire family accessible from any device, anywhere, anytime. Along with TV that can be watched both via the satellite and in the Internet, the operator offers its clients cutting-edge digital services including online services, smart houses, CCTV monitoring and satellite Internet. As of the end of Q2 2022, the total base of Tricolor amounted to 12.27 million households.

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