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Autumn changes: Tricolor rebranded three television channels

2 Сентября 2019

A multiplatform digital media operator Tricolor has relaunched at once three TV channels of its own production.

On 1 September the KinoPremium, Nashe Lyubimoye and Ostrosyuzhetnoye TV channels went on air in an updated form. As a result of rebranding, they had changed artwork, new logos had appeared. Besides, the KinoPremium and Nashe Lyubimoye TV channels had changed names: now they are called Premialnoye and Lyubimoye respectively.

A new broadcast design created by the SHANDESIGN.PRO studio known in Russia and abroad is to highlight the content fill of each TV channel. The sharp lines and steel color of the Ostrosyuzhetnoye logo perfectly match the channel’s topics the broadcast of which provides the spectators with the best foreign blockbusters of various genres: action, fantasy, thriller, horrors, adventures.

For the Premialnoye TV channel the logo with a large diamond crown called upon to reflect the exclusivity of the content has been designed. The channel offers popular feature and animated films of Hollywood’s leading film studios. TV spectators will see both classic movies and resounding premiers of the recent years.

Classic European and Hollywood films have been added to the viewing grid of the Nashe Lyubimoye TV channel, therefore it had been decided to change not only the design but the name as well. The logo of the Lyubimoye channel looks like a film strip, reminding the spectators of the epoch of the great strip movies, and the warm tones of the broadcast design refer to the festive mood of the movie posters of that time.

«Tricolor goes on developing theme-based TV viewing. Due to the updated lineup of the TV channels of our own production our clients have been enabled to watch even more various content, and with the help of bright visualization it is easier for the spectators to choose the film fitting their mood», — Arsen Khomutov, Tricolor’s content manager says.

The available in SD- and HD-formats Premialnoye, Ostrosyuzhetnoye and Lyubimoye TV channels are included in the packages Single (Yediny), Single Ultra HD and Extra.

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