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Cards holders of Mir payment system will get a 50 % cashback when paying for Tricolor’s services

10 августа 2020
Cards holders of Mir payment system will get a 50 % cashback when paying for Tricolor’s services

Mir national payment system and Tricolor multiplatform operator have agreed to cooperate. During the nearest months, current and new customers of Tricolor will receive a 50 % cashback when paying for the services of the operator with Mir card.

From August 10, 2020 to January 20, 2021, holders of any Mir cards will be able, when paying for Tricolor’s services, to make use of an attractive offer. For every second payment effected by Mir card, the half of the purchase price will be returned as a cashback. The minimum amount of each payment must be at least 200 rubles. The maximum cashback amount that can be received within the entire period of the offer is 2,500 rubles.

The participants who use Tricolor’s services through satellite or in the internet will receive the cashback. Within the special offer, you can pay for the basic package of over 200 satellite TV channels and additional packages of channels, such as “Detsky”, “Ultra HD”, “Nochnoy”, “MATCH! Football”, “MATCH PREMIER”. Thus, for instance, a cashback for the package of channels “Ediny Ultra HD” can amount to 1,250 rubles.

Among services provided by the operator through internet, the offer has also a service “Smotri Kino i TV” which includes 156 online-TV channels and an access to Tricolor’s online-cinema having more than a thousand of films and numerous series. The content can be watched on five devices through “Tricolor Kino i TV1 application at any place and at any time.

“We continuously improve the content offer, implement new services that make the consumer’s life as comfortable as possible. When paying for Tricolor’s services with Mir card, the customer receives a considerable bonus. Thus, the cooperation of Tricolor and Mir national payment system allows the customer to know our Ecosystem better and evaluate capacities and advantages of all our products”, — says Andrew Nesterov, Deputy General Director for Strategic and Operational Marketing, Tricolor.

“Our goal as a payment system is to become a part of the daily life of Russians. It is because of that that we strive to make attractive offers in most different spheres for the holders of Mir cards. The access to digital content becomes more important in the modern world, and we are glad that holders of Mir cards will be able to receive Tricolor’s services with a considerable cashback”, — noted Natalya Peysahovich, director of the Marketing and Communications Department of Mir payment system.

The offer comprises payments effected on the website tricolor.tv, in the mobile application “Moy Tricolor”, in the application “Tricolor Kino i TV” for Smart TV and in the Personal Account in the receiving equipment interface. In order to receive the cashback, Mir card must be registered on the website privetmir.ru. Learn more about the details of the offer through this link.


Tricolor is a multiplatform operator providing a complex of digital services that includes television, on the entire territory of Russia. Tricolor creates a single information space of entertainment and services for the entire family, accessible from any device, at any place and regardless of the time. Along with the conventional viewing of TV through satellite, Tricolor’s customers will be able to use internet connection and broadcasting control options (rewind, pause, TV archive) for viewing TV channels. In 2019, Tricolor launched an online-cinema which is available to the subscribers upon connection of hybrid receiving equipment to internet or in “Tricolor Kino i TV” application on smartphones, tablets or Smart TV. In addition, the operator provides access to “Satellite Internet” and “Tricolor Umny Dom” services. By the results of 2019, the operator’s total base amounted to 12.230 million households, including 10 million of HDTV subscribers, over 125 thousand of UHD-customers and 1.2 million of internet project users.

Mir payment system is a Russian national payment system. Mir cards are accepted in 8 countries. Holders of Mir cards will be able to receive various advantages, including a cashback up to 20% from a number of partners, fare discounts in some Russian cities etc. 277 banks, which accept and service Mir cards in the network of their devices, are participating in Mir payment system. 155 banks are engaged in issuing Mir cards; over 81.4 million cards have been issued.

Official website of Mir PS www.mironline.ru

Website of attractive offers of Mir payment system www.privetmir.ru

Official website of NPCS JSC www.nspk.ru

1 Application “Tricolor Kino i TV” is available on Smart TV (Samsung — ОС Tizen; Sony/Philips — Android TV; LG — webOS; Apple TV), smartphones and tablets (iOS, Android).

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