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Children's Day with Tricolor TV and "Open City" project

5 june 2017

On June 1, 2017 the cultural and educational project Open City and themajor Russian operator of digital television Tricolor TV, celebrated the Children's Day with excursions and quests for pupils of public schools, students of a social institution and wards of the state. The events started at 11 am in the Peter and Paul Fortress and the Nekrasovsky Garden.

Meeting of participants of an unusual excursion for junior schoolchildren «Absent-minded from the Basseinaya street» was appointed in the Greek Garden, or Nekrasovsky Square, or the «Prudki» square. No, this is not absent-mindedness: the square, bounded by the Nevsky and Grechesky prospects, Nekrasovskaya street and Prudkovsky lane, had three names in its history.

A strange story and unusual things encouraged the guests of the excursion to follow the way

The guide's narrative moved the children into the past, revealing the secrets of names of the streets that made up the excursion route and describing how this area has changed over the last two hundred years. The unexpected appearing of protagonist in the path of  the group added coloring to the event — the strange situation he found himself in, differing shoes and a huge shabby suitcase with ancient things sparked the schoolchildren’s interest.

In the end of the retro tram trip all participants were presented with gifts for the Children's Daу

The children successfully coped with the quest by guiding a mysterious citizen to the railway station he needed. At the same time they were playing charades, staging a puppet show and, of course, accompanying their absent-minded fellow on a trip through St. Petersburg on an old 80 years old tram.

In quests at the Peter and Paul Fortress more than 40 schoolchildren took part.

The program was designed for two age groups: junior and senior students

Participants of the quest unwrap presents from the project Open City and the operator Tricolor TV

A fascinating game implicating educational stories started at the Naryshkin's bastion at noon immediately after the signal cannon shots.

The quest from Baron Munchausen was intended for the older guys. According to legend, a few centuries ago baron who was fond of incredible stories stopped for the night in a snow-covered city and in the morning found himself in the territory of the Peter and Paul Fortress where he hid his treasures later. As a pointing to the way to his treasure the baron had left a diary with tasks and puzzles.

being divided into teams the guys compete in speed assembling the puzzle that features the St. Andrew's flag crowning the Flag Tower

Every participant of each group had a chance to show his or her worth: according to the idea of leading guides, the guys had to demonstrate their skills at arithmetic and ingenuity and performed tasks on diligence, knack and erudition.

Searching the longed-for coin minted in the St. Petersburg Mint

The programs of excursions and quests were designed in such a way that the leisure time of schoolchildren was not only entertaining, but also informative. The game form of submitting the material allowed children to perceive new information, including historical information about St. Petersburg, easily and with pleasure.

In total, more than 70 children took part in the events, among them were students of the Public School No. 351 — a member of the international network of Associated Schools of UNESCO, and pupils of the Center for the Family Education Promotion No. 11.

Tricolor TV has prepared interactive coloring books — Live Coloring— and sweet gifts. These and other surprises from the organizers became a pleasant reminder of this holiday for children.

To attend the events of the cultural and educational project Open City you have to leave an application on the site открытыйгород.рф.

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