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Don't leave the room: Tricolor will show a unique online music marathon in remembrance of Joseph Brodsky

22 Мая 2020
Don't leave the room: Tricolor will show a unique online music marathon in remembrance of Joseph Brodsky

On the occasion of the 80th anniversary of the birth of Joseph Brodsky, a Nobel prize winner and an Honorary Citizen of Saint Petersburg, the multiplatform provider Tricolor will broadcast a music marathon Don't Leave the Room wherein BASTA, Aleksandr Vasiliev, Diana Arbenina, other local stars and also close friends and relatives of the great poet will take part.

The world will celebrate the 80th anniversary of the birth of the outstanding poet Joseph Brodsky on the 24th of May. His works are a legacy of the world literature of the 20th century. However, the main things, namely lines and images created by Joseph Brodsky, are timeless and they receive contemporary interpretation in every generation. The poetry moves, grows, breathes and sometimes it becomes music.

It is the idea of a creative symbiosis of poetry and melody that has become a basis for the music marathon Don't Leave the Room, which is organised by NCA and will be exclusively shown on TV by Tricolor. The multiplatform provider with a viewership of more than 40 million people will broadcast the event by means of the satellite (on the Infochannel - the 0 button on the remote control) and on the Internet - in the application «Tricolor Kino i TV» within the framework of the Bol’shoi Efir1 project and in their official social media accounts (VKontakte and YouTube).

Many local stars, including BASTA, Aleksandr Vasiliev (the Splean band), Diana Arbenina, the 25/17 band, Noize MC, Billy's Band, will take part in this unique concert. The artists will perform songs with lyrics based on the poems of Joseph Brodsky in a live broadcasting, and Noize MC will present his track In the Dark wherein Joseph Brodsky's poem will be presented in its original form. This version of the song will be performed for the first time and it will become an exclusive premiere within the framework of the music marathon Don't Leave the Room.

Moreover, the Tricolor's viewers will be the first to see footage from the documentary Speech Part.2020 wherein close friends and relatives of Joseph Brodsky, including Mariia Sozzani, Anna Brodskaia, Mikhail Baryshnikov and others, will read their favourite verses of the poet. What is more, the poet's friend and curator of the museum In a Room and a Half Mikhail Milchik will share his memories in the studio.

Andrew Nesterov, Tricolor's Deputy Director General for Strategic and Operative Marketing, says, "The online marathon Don't Leave the Room is a truly unique project, which brings classical and modern culture together in a harmonious manner. Tricolor always pays particular attention to cultural events and constantly organises broadcasts for its viewers using different platforms. We are confident that the project will be very successful with the viewers, given that it will be possible to watch it on all platforms of Tricolor."

Pavel Kotliar, a curator of the museum In a Room and a Half dedicated to Joseph Brodsky, says, "The museum of Joseph Brodsky is happy to take part in this celebratory broadcasting, we have been thinking about such event format even before the epidemic as the memorial flat is very small and it is impossible to hold a big concert here. It is great that now everything is going so well, we are grateful to our partners for their thoughtful approach to the topic and their professionalism.

To be honest, Brodsky did not like artistic interpretations of his poems. However, right now the text created exists separately from the author and lives its own life. The fact that so many great creators are inspired by Brodsky evidences his influence and melodiousness of his works, if you will. This is a high-class poetry, which becomes comprehensible through different art forms, and the viewers will be able to get acquainted with it during the broadcast."

All performers will take part in the marathon while "not leaving the rooms": they will perform the songs from their own studios and apartments. Although there will be one main venue that will unite them all and it is a studio in the museum In a Room and a Half, in that very communal apartment in the Muruzi house where Joseph Brodsky lived and from which he left Russia for the United States for good. This apartment will become the embodiment of the poet's life, it will demonstrate his image through the years and distances. A virtual museum tour will be held for Tricolor's viewers. Authentic objects, Brodsky's voice, his poetry set to music - all this combined will allow the viewers to imagine the poet's return to his native soil.

Don't miss the marathon Don't Leave the Room broadcasted by Tricolor on Sunday, 24 May, at 17:00 (Moscow time).

Any citizen of Russia can obtain access to Bol’shoi Efir. This is an online project of Tricolor, which focuses on live broadcasts of the events that are usually not broadcasted by the federal TV channels. The project content can be viewed using the application Tricolor Kino I TV on Smart TVs (Samsung — ОС Tizen; Sony/Philips — Android TV; LG — webOS, Apple TV), smartphones and tablets (iOS, Android). One can easily download the app from the App Store, Google Play and Huawei AppGallery. The Bol’shoi Efir is available to current clients of Tricolor on five devices, including TV Box and hybrid receivers. After installation of the application Tricolor Kino I TV it is necessary to log in using your Tricolor ID and password from your personal account. People who are not yet clients of the provider will get Tricolor ID and password after registration in the application with their telephone numbers.

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