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Drone industry – the future of Russia

30 november 2016

On 1 December 2016, at the press conference on Drone Racing Champions Cup within «Transport Week – 2016», Assistant of President of Russia Igor Levitin, Deputy Minister of Transport Alexey Tsydenov, President of NP GLONASS Alexander Gurko and Director General of Tricolor TV Alexey Kholodov will discuss development prospects of pilotless aviation systems (PAS) industry in Russia and their application in telecommunication industry.

Development of pilotless aviation systems is a new and promising industry. There is a broad spectrum of possibilities of drone application — from creation of quality video content to provision of national security. Drones can be effective at execution of agricultural works, delivery of post, making of city plans, monitoring of traffic flow and progress of pipelines construction, elimination of emergency situations, etc. Their use is interesting both for business and the state, and for ordinary people. Thanks to development of PAS technologies and market, the value of drones is being reduced, which increases their affordability for the wide circle of consumers. More and more people all over the world buy drones for entertainment or amateur video filming. All this tells about the growing interest in the drone industry and good prospects of development of this market.

Since the beginning of 2016, active work has been performed in Russia on creation of national rules of application of pilotless aviation systems. Work Group on pilotless aviation has been created within the framework of Commission under President of Russia for matters of development of general purpose aviation, NP GLONASS and Transport Ministry of Russia. Various projects are being worked out for development of PAS infrastructure and popularization, including for creation of quality content.

One of the first projects for wide audience is «Drone Racing Champions Cup» within the framework of «Transport Week-2016» and the federal project «Russia in the eyes of drones».

Competitions of Drone Racing Champions Cup are held from 29 November to 1 December 2016 and are an event of this young sport. This year the competitions will gather the record number of participants for Russia — to date 63 pilots from Russia, Byelorussia, Latvia, Finland and France have checked in.

Application of drones is promising also for the TV industry. On 1 December 2016 Tricolor TV jointly with NP GLONASS and Life TV channel launches the federal project «Russia in the eyes of drones». This is a large-scale All-Russian contest, the purpose of which is popularization of modern video filming technologies using drones and quadrocopters in Russia.

On 1 December 2016, within the framework of «Transport Week-2016», a press conference will be held, within which Assistant of President of Russia Igor Levitin, Minister of Transport Maxim Sokolov, President of NP GLONASS Alexander Gurko, Director General of Tricolor TV Alexey Kholodov and Drone Racing Champion Vladimir Meshcheryakov will discuss development prospects of the pilotless aviation systems (PAS) in Russia and their application in telecommunication industry.

The following issues important for the industry will be touched upon:

  • PAS industry in Russia today: current state of the industry.
  • PAS use by Russian companies for their activity (e.g. for delivery of post, construction works progress monitoring, creation of news footages for television, etc.), as well as legality of use of drones for personal purposes.
  • Development prospects of drone industry in Russia and PAS application in telecommunication industry. Projects aimed at the industry development in Russia.
  • Drone racing as a new kind of sport. Results of the second «Drone Racing Champions Cup».
  • PAS use in telecommunication industry — a new way of creation of quality content. Federal project «Russia in the eyes of drones».
  • Russian drone racing and prospects of Russian pilots at international competitions.
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