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From million to billion: Russians have tasted Tricolor’s OTT-services

25 ноября 2019
From million to billion: Russians have tasted Tricolor’s OTT-services

Tricolor’s online-services are becoming more popular among the clients. The number of active users of OTT-services of the multiplatform digital media operator has already reached 1 mln, which is over 8 % of the total client base.

In October 2019 the total viewing time on the OTT-platform of the operator exceeded 1 billion minutes. On average, Tricolor’s OTT-users watch online-content 4 hours a day.

Upon connecting to ОТТ-services the operator’s clients receive 126 online-TV channels, including 34 in НD format, recommendatory films with content and interactive broadcast control functions (rewind, pause, TV archives). The OTT-users have access to Tricolor’s online-cinema with the test library of the content as well.

The use of data based on user experience of viewing in ОТТ will allow Tricolor to create personalized offers for clients and contribute to a significant increase in the share of TV viewing of the channels (up to 50 %) due to placement of their content in recommendatory films. Tricolor will be actively developing the Big Data direction within the frameworks of its Ecosystem for formation of new services.

 «We can surely state that Tricolor has become one of the leaders of the Russian market for OTT-television. We observe the growth of online-TV viewing on all platforms: especially on smartphones and tablets. Media consumption via internet becomes a habitual source of getting information for a growing number of clients. We expect that in the nearest months we will be facing a growth in the number of ОТТ-clients. In our turn, we will continue to supplement the content libraries and offer new online-services to our users», — Denis Maimistov, Tricolor’s development director says.

Tricolor’s OTT-service develops within the strategy of creating a single information space for the Russians.


Tricolor’s OTT-services were launched in early 2019. Currently content in OTT is available to Tricolor’s clients at several platforms at once. You can watch online-television, including HD format, also via TV-box, hybrid receiver, and also — using the Tricolor Kino i TV application on Smart TV (Samsung (ОС Tizen) and Sony/Philips (Android TV), smartphones and tablets (iOS, Android).

Nowadays in OTT-project 3 additional packages of TV channels are also available — MATCH! Fotball (3 channel), MATCH PREMIER (1 channel) and Detsky (22 channels). If the user already has the valid subscription to satellite channels of the mentioned packages, it opens access to online viewing as well.

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