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Get television and movies for miles: Tricolor has become a partner of the Aeroflot Bonus programme

16 Апреля 2020
Get television and movies for miles: Tricolor has become a partner of the Aeroflot Bonus programme

Participants of the Aeroflot Bonus loyalty programme have gained an opportunity to exchange miles for the services and tools of Tricolor, as well as accumulate miles for activating subscriptions to channel packages.

Tricolor, a multiplatform provider of the digital environment, has become a partner of Aeroflot Bonus. Thanks to this collaboration, clients of Tricolor being participants of the Aeroflot Bonus programme will be able to earn miles for purchasing subscriptions to the channel packages, as well as to subscribe to channel packages in exchange for miles in the Rewards Catalogue on the Aeroflot Bonus programme website.

In order to earn miles, the client of Tricolor must already be a participant of the Aeroflot Bonus programme or they must join it and then link the number of the programme participant in their personal account in the Promotions and Special Offers section on tricolor.tv. The programme participant will receive 1 mile for every 50 rubles spent on activation of the services.

In order to use miles to receive services of Tricolor, one needs to execute a certificate on the Aeroflot Bonus website in the Rewards Catalogue section and activate it on the page tricolor.tv or in the personal account. Both basic and additional channel packages, as well as online services, will be available in exchange for miles. Thus, now, for example, one can subscribe to the channel package Detskii for one year by exchanging 5,455 miles, to the Universal or Tricolor Online channel package by exchanging 6,818 miles, and 11,364 miles can be used for subscription to the Unified UHD package with the largest number of ultra-high definition channels in Russia. A full list of available channel packages can be found here.

Those participants of the Aeroflot Bonus programme who are not yet clients of the provider can also enjoy benefits of the partnership between Tricolor and Aeroflot Bonus. They will be able to accumulate miles for purchasing subscriptions to Tricolor channel packages and subscribe to Tricolor packages for miles in the Rewards Catalogue on the website of the Aeroflot Bonus programme. In order to do this, one will need to download the application Tricolor Kino I TVand register in it.

Andrew Nesterov, Tricolor's Deputy Director General for Strategic and Operative Marketing, says, "From the point of view of our customers, this cooperation with Aeroflot Bonus is a unique experience because now you can exchange your miles for the content from Tricolor. Moreover, our clients will receive Aeroflot Bonus miles for activating services on a regular basis. While everyone stays at home, it is time to find out how many miles you have on your account in the Aeroflot Bonus programme and exchange them for the services of Tricolor."

In addition to the traditional TV viewing via satellite, clients of Tricolor can use their Internet connection to watch TV channels, as well as various options to control the broadcast such as TV Archive or Watch from the Beginning. According to the results of 2019, the total base of the provider amounted to 12.230 million households, including 10 million HDTV subscribers and more than 125 thousand UHD clients, and 1.2 million Internet project users.

The Aeroflot Bonus is a loyalty programme for the frequent flyers of Aeroflot. The Aeroflot Bonus is one of the largest loyalty programmes in Russia and the CIS countries. Benefits of the programme apply to passengers of Aeroflot, Rossiya (only SU flights), Aurora and SkyTeam airlines.

Members can accumulate miles for flights, hotel reservations and purchases from partners. One can exchange miles for air tickets, upgrades and products from numerous partners of the programme.

Today, the partner network of the programme includes more than 160 companies, including banks, hotels, restaurants, clothing and footwear stores, grocery chains and other store categories. Thus, participants of the Aeroflot Bonus programme can earn and spend miles not only in relation to the flights, thereby gaining additional opportunities and benefits not only in the sky, but also here below.

1 After installation of the application Tricolor Kino I TV it is necessary to log in using your Tricolor ID and password from your personal account. People who are not yet clients of the provider will get Tricolor ID and password after registration in the application with their telephone numbers.

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