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«Going on a visit to Tricolor TV» charitable action for Arkhangelsk Region

15 april 2015

In December 2008 the biggest Russian provider of digital television Tricolor TV started All-Russian charitable action «Going on a visit to Tricolor TV» in Arkhangelsk Region.

Having achieved the status of «people’s digital television» in 2008, Tricolor TV has set the task not only to provide services, but also to bear social responsibility. The provider has launched «Going on a visit to Tricolor TV» social project, the main objective of which is to give the possibility of watching quality digital television to the maximum number of residents of Russia, especially to those who are left without care and need help. Tricolor TV television was installed at hundreds of social institutions throughout the country — at children’s homes, nursing homes, veterans’ homes, schools.

Within the framework of «Going on a visit to Tricolor TV» action, sets of equipment for receipt of Tricolor TV were installed at 70 social institutions of Arkhangelsk Region.

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