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Half of Satellite Internet Users Connected the Service to Work from Home

18 Февраля 2021

Tricolor presented a satellite internet user profile during the pandemic period.

Daniil Nirman, Head of Satellite Internet Department of Tricolor, spoke at the II International Conference SpaceCom Digital Russia 2021 about the trends in the satellite Internet market and shattered the myths about the service being in demand mainly in the business segment.

The customer base of Tricolor satellite Internet numbers about 12 thousand users, more than 90% of them are individuals. In 2020, Tricolor provided for about 50% of the total VSAT market increment in Russia.

Satellite Internet sales are still in high demand despite the rapidly growing mobile coverage. As a rule, satellite transmission equipment is installed in country houses where the owners live permanently. The share of such customers is 44%. Somewhat less — about 38% — use the service only during the summer vacation season.

Tricolor has formed an average user profile on the basis of its own customer base. Most often, satellite Internet is used by married women (from 35 to 40 years old) having higher education, raising one or two children. The monthly income of such a family is up to 30 thousand rubles per person; the family also has suburban real estate in possession.

According to the company's data, half of Tricolor satellite Internet customers connect to the service for arranging a remote workplace and handling business problems, 49% - for communicating in social media, about 35% — listen to music and watch movies. Also, over the past year, the share of customers who used satellite Internet for online learning increased by a quarter: this segment accounts for about 10%.

"Tricolor, on a par with Konnect communications operator, broke the stereotype according to which satellite internet is very expensive and too slow. The low barrier of entry, flat rates, the possibility to get connected to the Internet almost anywhere in the country, high speed up to 100 Mbps - all this promoted the demand for the service in the B2C market", commented Daniil Nirman.

"This year, we have become the most rapidly growing satellite communications operator in Russia, showing an increase of 64% compared to the last year, against the background of 9% growth in the satellite internet market as a whole. A considerable segment of customers applying for connection are private users from central regions of Russia that seemingly have no problems with mobile or cable internet", says Aleksey Velichko, representative of Konnect, Russia.

In terms of the number of connections over the past 2-3 years, Moscow Region holds the lead. One third of the customer base is represented by residents of million-plus cities: Moscow, Nizhny Novgorod and Kazan. They use satellite Internet while staying at their country cottages and houses. The southern regions of the country, where many people live in the private sector, ranked second. It is notable that the regions of the Far North and the hard-to-reach constituent entities of the Russian Federation held the bottom positions in this rating.


"Satellite Internet" is a joint project of Tricolor and Konnect (Eutelsat Networks, LLC). The service enables one to get two-way access to the Internet at the speed of up to 100 Mbps for downstream and up to 10 Mbps for upstream transmission in the coverage area of Express-AMU1 (Eutelsat 36C) and YAMAL 601 satellites.

Learn more about the service: https://internet.tricolor.tv/

Tricolor is the multiplatform operator, providing the complex of digital services including television throughout Russia. Tricolor creates the complex informational and entertaining media scene for all the family members, accessible from any device, any-where and at any time. Along with traditional viewing of TV through the satellite Tricolor’s customers can use internet connec-tion for viewing TV channels, as well as broadcast control options (rewind, pause, TV history data). In 2019 Tricolor launched an online cinema that is accessible to subscribers upon connection of hybrid receiving equipment to Internet or in an application “Tricolor Kino I TV” on smartphones, tablets or Smart TV, and on web at kino.tricolor.tv. Also the operator provides access to the service “Satellite Internet” and the service “Smart Home”.

By the end of 2020, the total customer base of the operator was 12,257 million households, including 10,3 million HDTV sub-scribers and more than 250,000 UHD clients.

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