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«Let’s help birds together!» All-Russian ecological project

1 may 2016

In spring 2016 implementation of All-Russian ecological project of Tricolor TV on mass mounting of bird houses – «Let’s help birds together!» – started.

Within the framework of the project, during the period ending 10 June 2016, the biggest Russian provider of pay TV carried out «Switch on spring with Tricolor TV» marketing action. Participants of the action included over 150,000 people, and its climax was creation of an installation with the subsequent mounting of several hundreds of bird houses on the territory of VDNH in the presence of judging committee of «Guinness. Book of Records».

The main purpose of the project was attraction of attention to reduction of population of medium-sized bird species living in the antropogenous landscape, as well as restoration of the balance which will give the birds the possibility to nest on the «lost» territory. All in all 4000 ecological bird houses were made with the total weight of 10 tons and they were made under patronage of professional ornithologists — Director of Ladoga Ornithological Station Georgy Noskov, Ornithological Engineer of Pulkovo Airport Sergey Lobanov and Union for Protection of Birds of Russia. The bird houses will be useful for such rare bird species as redstarts, flycatchers, all kinds of tomtits, black swifts.

«Switch on spring with Tricolor TV» action was held in two stages. Within the framework of the first stage, subscribers who either exchanged old equipment for the new one, or purchased a set for receipt of Tricolor TV and paid for «Uniform»/«Uniform Multi» service, have obtained a bird house with the provider’s symbols.

For participation in the second stage, it was necessary to take pictures against the background of the mounted bird house and to post the picture on the promopage of the action. The first 10,000 participants got six months of watching TV channels of «Uniform» package as a present.

Within the framework of «Let’s help birds together!» project, from 23 April 2016 in Moscow, on the territory of VDNH, in the presence of official judge of «Guinness. World Records», Tricolor TV has set the record of creation of «The longest uninterrupted line forming a bird’s silhouette laid with bird houses». The large-scale installation of 4000 bird houses also included the bird houses painted in the style of TV channels and publications — partners and friends of Tricolor TV. According to results of measuring works which lasted about three hours, it was determined that the length of the line of the bird houses exceeded 1124.3 meters, which is an unconditional record.

After the official part of the awarding ceremony, students from N.K. Rerikh Art College, pupils of Lesobirzhskaya special boarding school of the Town of Kingisepp, mass media representatives, bloggers, partners and friends of the provider, including such well-known TV channels as MTV, TNT, Muz-TV, STS, Disney, MULT, RU TV, Discovery Channel, Cartoon Networks, Travel+Adventure and many others have mounted their branded record-holding bird houses at «The Alley of Tricolor TV Partners», which was opened for visiting till 31 May 2016.

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