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Master of Good Deeds Charitable Project in Krasnodar Region

13 june

In April 2018 Tricolor TV, the major Russian operator of digital television, has provided two nursery social institutions with digital TV receiving equipment in Krasnodar region.

In furtherance of The Master of Good Deeds charitable project the Tricolor TV has installed and connected according to the special Blago tariff the digital TV receiving equipment in state public educational institution The boarding school № 28 of Suvorov-Cherkessk and in state public social service institution in Krasnodar region the Medvedovsk orphan home with supplementary education. The authorized dealers of operator — individual businessman Dmitry Pshenitsyn and individual businessman Galina Saenko — have participated in setting up.

Within the frames of this project the educatees of more than 500 social institutions in Russia were granted with the possibility of free watching the TV channels included in Tricolor TV package. Learn more about receiving equipment installations performed earlier in Tricolor TV Goes on with The Master of Good Deeds charitable project and Master of Good Deeds Charitable Project in Astrakhan Region.

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