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More films and informative content: Paramount Channel and HDL became part of Tricolor

24 Декабря 2019

To watch a box-office hit from the US oldest film studio Paramount Pictures or go on a fascinating tour in the world surrounding us? Pending New Year’s festivities Tricolor’s clients have the option to watch two new TV channels with the exciting content: Paramount Channel and HDL.

Paramount Channel is a round-the-clock television channel showing Paramount Pictures films. The TV channel creates the modern and unique environment for spectators who desire to enjoy themselves with feature and documentary films. Tricolor’s clients have now access to the richest library of films that won numerous awards, — from enthralling film epics to touching melodramas and blockbuster series.

HDL is an infotainment TV channel. It is focused on the human being, his unbelievable intellectual and physical abilities, the methods of his learning and studying the surrounding world, new technologies and directions in science advancing the civilization. The broadcast schedule of the TV channel is filled with enticing home-made and foreign programs and documentaries on nature, voyages, science, and adventures.

«We do not doubt that Paramount Channel and HDL will be in demand among our clients, for both TV channels offer high-quality content. It is especially pleasant that the content of the channels is designed for both adult and children’s audience», — Tricolor’s content manager Arsen Khomutov says.

Paramount Channel and HDL are available in the packages of the channels Single and Extra. Besides, the clients of the multiplatform digital media operator will be able to watch HDL in internet as well through the application Tricolor Kino i TV.

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