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More thematic channels: Tricolor will launch Arsenal

27 Декабря 2019
More thematic channels: Tricolor will launch Arsenal

The multiplatform digital media operator Tricolor will have one more thematic TV channel. Already starting on 1 January 2020 the TV spectators will be able to watch the broadcasting of a new channel Arsenal produced by the TV company Pervy TVCh.

Arsenal is a military informative TV channel with quality Russian and foreign programs on modern weapons and military facilities, favorite war films and series, reality shows exclusive for Russia and documentary features. The TV channel in HD format is orientated mostly toward men, but due to easy presentation and enthralling narration Arsenal will be interesting for women as well.

«Thematic TV channels are in high demand among Tricolor’s clients, and Arsenal will allow the spectators to evaluate to a greater extent the advantages of niche content. It is especially pleasant that a TV channel with military topics has appeared in the run-up to the 75th anniversary of the Victory», —Tricolor’s content manager Arsen Khomutov added.

«We are sure that «Arsenal» along with the TV channel «Okhotnik I Rybolov (Huntsman and Fisherman)» will become one of the flagships of our TV company. Before the launch we had conducted a deep analysis of both competitors in these topics and the audience and content, and we tried to take all the best so that «Arsenal» might be interesting both to the spectators and the operator», — General Manager of TV company «Pervy TVCh» Maksim Polukhin told.

The Arsenal TV channel which can be watched both via satellite and in internet is available to Tricolor’s clients in the packages Single, Single Ultra HD, Extra, Tricolor Online and Online TV.

In the total list of the channels Arsenal will broadcast under No.448 within Central Russia and Siberia and under No.28 in the Far East.

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