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New Tricolor Will Answer Mankind’s Main Questions

16 Апреля 2019
New Tricolor Will Answer Mankind’s Main Questions

The New Tricolor Will Answer Mankind’s Main Questions campaign started on 15 April throughout Russia to support Tricolor’s large-scale rebranding. The purpose of the campaign is to tell how the operator’s new services make people’s life better.

Tricolor has completed the process of transition fr om a non-linear satellite TV operator to multiplatform digital operator. The changed business model and strategy allow new models for consumption of digital services through a wide range of non-linear services to be formed.

The aim of the advertising campaign is to introduce Russians to new digital services of the operator: viewing TV through Internet and satellite on any screen, non-linear TV viewing (rewind, pause, viewing from beginning, access to programs that were already on air within 7 days) and online apartment or house management using the service Tricolor Smart House.

In advertising videos the characters ask themselves still relevant questions, even despite development of new technologies and appearance of comfortable gadgets: What to watch?, What was there?, How long since it began?, And what about smart phone?, Have I turned off the iron?. Tricolor answers all these important questions.

“We can bravely say about ourselves: Yes, we have altogether changed! Tricolor creates really useful services that help solve essential matters and facilitate life. This is why the phrase New Tricolor Will Answer Mankind’s Main Questions became the basic message of our advertising campaign. In video and audio advertisements we say: “Watch TV from satellite, through Internet, on any screen, manage TV, put on a pause, rewind, manage a house, an apartment, bulbs, an iron, watch just for 299 rubles per month by turning on devices, and connect Smart House additionally”. Our aim is to convey to all residents of Russia that they can watch TV channels wh ere and when they like, connect interactive services at an affordable price”, says Andrey Nesterov, Tricolor’s strategic and operative marketing director.

Communication will cover all media channels:  television, radio, Internet, external advertising, and also includes the use of all Tricolor’s internal advertising resources (info banners, videos in inserts).

The press release is also published in Tricolor’s Press club: http://blog.tricolor.tv/news/novyy-trikolor-otvetit-na-glavnye-voprosy-chelovechestva/

A link to the video: https://youtu.be/lARVHE9E1tA

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