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Petrograd 1917. From February to October

3 may 2017

Another excursion had been called «Petrograd 1917. From February to October» and organized within the frames of the Open City cultural and educational project took place on April 28, 2017. The purpose of the excursion was to familiarize the excursionists with the events that led to the February uprising and the fall of the House of Romanovs.

The excursion includes a visit to the mansion of the star of the Russian ballet of the early XX century, a prima of Mariinsky Theater Mathilda Kshesinskaya, now the State Museum of Political History of Russia, and a walk to The Aurora cruiser with stops at every historically significant object.

Facades of Kshesinskaya’s mansion with majolica tiles and stained glass windows of the interior garden.

The legendary cruiser is the last point of the excursion route.

The mansion of Mathilda Kshesinskaya was designed by brilliant architect A.I. von Gogen. The guests of the excursion were able to immerse themselves both in the atmosphere of luxurious reception of ballerina and to learn more about the revolutionary events planned within the walls of this building: in the February days of 1917 it was occupied by soldiers of the Special Purpose Armored Division; the nurseries of Mathilda Kshesinskaya’s son situated on the second floor were occupied by Bolsheviks.

Infographics illustrating the growing unemployment from 1915 till 1917.

The excursionists also visited the study room of V.I. Lenin who arrived in Petrograd in the early April.

V.I. Lenin’s study room

After the museum the participants of the excursion had a walk along the embankment listening to a detailed story about the history of the House of Pre-revolutionary political convicts, the Solovki Stone and the mansion of Nikolay Nikolaevich which accommodated the Investigative Commission of the Revolutionary Tribunal.

Radio guides provide good audibility even in a busy street.

It is to be recalled that Tricolor TV, the major Russian operator of digital television, is the general partner of the Open City cultural and educational project owing to which the residents and guests of Saint Petersburg can now visit the previously inaccessible cultural heritage sites for free. To participate in an excursion one should register and leave an application at the website of the project .

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