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Race for a million: the first tournament among users of GS Gamekit «Tricolor TV» Cup» has finished

27 may 2016

On 22 May 2016 the final of the first online video game tournament «Tricolor TV» Cup» among users of the first Russian game console GS Gamekit took place at Game Expo exhibition in St. Petersburg. The gamers competed for the main prize of 1 million Roubles in Nitro Nation Stories racing game. The winner became Vitaly Konoplev from the City of Nizhny Tagil. The title sponsor of the tournament is the biggest Russian operator of digital television «Tricolor TV». During the year, a series of similar GS Gamekit tournaments will be held, the winner of which will become an owner of big prize money.

Nitro Nation Stories Game Tournament for users of GS Gamekit console (development of GS Group) is held in 2 stages from 25 April to 22 May 2016. Before 15 May the gamers earned points for wins in races of qualifying online competitions. Over 5000 users altogether from different cities and towns of Russia took part in the tournament. 16 strongest gamers competed according to the «Olympic» system for the main prize — 1 million Roubles — in the final which was held on 22 May at Game Expo exhibition of game industry in St.Petersburg. The most successful «racer» was Vitaly Konoplev from the City of Nizhny Tagil who competed under the nick of Bear. All finalists received honourable mention prizes — a full kit for connection to digital television: GS E501 attachment server and a dish. Online broadcasting of the final was organized on GS Gamekit website for all persons interested.

Visitors of Game Expo exhibition also got the possibility to purchase GS Gamekit at a special price, to take part in a mini tournament and to receive valuable presents New users of the game console will be able to become participants of a series of full-fledged online competitions in video games of different genres on GS Gamekit and to fight for big prize moneys. Already at the end of summer 2016, two similar tournaments will be held — in Nitro Nation Stories game and in three-dimensional FPS shooter «Real Russian Hunt» specially developed for GS Gamekit by «First TVCh» TV company and Sperasoft company.

«I would like to thank the organizers for the idea of such tournaments and the incredible atmosphere at the final; everything was at the top level! My son supported me on site, my wife and a little daughter watched the live broadcast at home. My wife says that she was worried more than myself. My secret of success is constant training, but of course I was also lucky, because the strongest gamers reached the final. My son and I are already getting ready for the next tournaments!», — Vitaly Konoplev, the winner of «Tricolor TV» Cup" Tournament comments.

«GS Gamekit Video Game Tournaments combine online competitions and the possibility to get reward in the form of real prize money and not virtual presents. Results of the first tournament among the console users allow us to tell about topicality of such format of entertainment of our audience. GS Gamekit Stand at Game Expo was visited by over five thousand people, many of which became viewers of the final stage of the tournament. Online audience from all over Russia joined those who came personally to support our «racers». In the near future, coverages of the tournament will be watched by 40 million viewers of «Tricolor TV», and our finalists will become real stars. During the next year, we will organize a number of similar online tournaments in games of different genres. We congratulate the winner and invite subscribers of «Tricolor TV» and all persons interested to join our «race for a million!» — Tatiana Mikhalevskaya, Director of Department of GS Group Projects comments.

GS Gamekit console was issued to the market at the beginning of 2016. The device is available from dealers of General Satellite subscriber equipment and services of the operator of «Tricolor TV» satellite television. At the moment the catalogue includes over 30 games of different genres. Besides, GS Gamekit users have exclusive access to transmedia projects of GS Group Holding. All games are available by subscription. The first 30 days of subscription are free, then the annual price is 990 Roubles. The catalogue of games for GS Gamekit is replenished on a weekly basis; by the end of 2016 the library will be expanded up to 100 games of different genres.

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