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Report from the TeleMultiMedia Forum 2022: Digital Media Leaders conference

25 Мая 2022

On media consumption

The event began with a plenary discussion on Transformation of the Russian Media Consumption Market, where representatives of key players discussed the main trends of recent years.

In the course of the discussion, the speakers came to a consensus on new patterns of media consumption in Russia:

- In response to anxiety of the audience, news and information broadcasting is experiencing rapid growth. It happens for the first time since 2014;

- At the same time, entertainment television, which serves as a kind of an information buffer for the viewer, is on the rise today;

- There are practically no mono-players left in the market – there is a mixture of pay-TV and online movie theaters. This entails a reassessment of the criteria for measuring and evaluating the market of players.

Separately, Nikolai Orlov, chairman of the Strategic Development of Media Projects Committee of the Tricolor Board of Directors, noted that until February 2022, Tricolor had observed displacement of all other genres with movies and series content. However, Nikolai Yurievich believes that over time, the situation will return to the trends laid down in the previous years.


About the future of Russian online services

The session “Domestic online video services market on the brink of rearrangement” with Marina Gasparyan fr om Tricolor has completed.

Once again, the speakers were unanimous on the issues discussed:

- The Russian OTT market is at a stage wh ere each of the participants is looking for its own audience, rather than trying to poach it from competitors;

- Online movie theaters are not aiming to replace the content of the defunct Netflix and take their audience. The main task now is to learn from experience and find points of growth;

- It is impossible to quickly and soundly replace the amount of content that the Hollywood majors supplied. Online services rely on originals and content from countries they have not worked with before.

According to Marina Gasparyan, online services now have two ways: to work with those few majors who are willing to cooperate, and to quantitatively increase the amount of content of non-Hollywood producers.


About Tricolor for Kids project

In addition to discussing the prospects of the Russian online video services market, Director for Content Production Marina Gasparyan presented “Tricolor for Kids” project.

Tricolor for Kids space of children’s services will focus on giving the largest number of families access to a variety of children’s and family content in a way that is the safest for the child and the most convenient for the parent, through various Tricolor products and services.

The project will be launched on Children’s Day, June 1.


On the future of social media

The conference ended with the session “The Future of Russian Digital Platforms Market in the Context of Geopolitical Shifts”. During the session, Tricolor was represented by Roman Kuznetsov, Head for Product Development at Tricolor.

During the discussion, participants tried to predict whether Russia will find an alternative to YouTube, what the future holds for social media, and what trends can be expected on digital platforms in the near future.

According to the experts:

- Platforms will focus on finding vacant niches and try to occupy them;

- The short format (stories and tiktoks) is here for good;

- Social media are moving in the opposite direction and going back to messengers.

Assumed trends:

- Smart feed and smart search;

- Phygital;

- Financial transactions;

- Taking care of users.

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