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Results of Russia Through the Eyes of Drones contest

16 march 2017

On March 15, 2017 the ceremony of awarding the winners of Russia Through the Eyes of Drones contest was held in the interactive space of SMIT.

The first place was taken by the project of Grigory Kolodyazhny (Pyatigorsk). Tricolor TV granted the winner with a certificate for the trip to the Seoul Drone Race World Cup, international drone-racing championship, to be held on May 19-21, 2017 in Seoul.

Pavel Bukharin (Izhevsk) obtained the second place and was awarded with a DJI brand drone by GLONASS Union representatives.

The third place was taken by Stanislav Navoev (Kostroma). Representatives of Life television channel awarded the winner with the latest model of popular smartphone.

Authors of 15 video projects strove for victory in the final of the largescale all-Russian contest Russia Through the Eyes of Drones. Over 150,000 viewers followed the contest and actively voted for the participants.

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