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Results of TRICOLOR TV White Nights Marathon

11 july 2017

On 9 July the TRICOLOR TV White Nights International Field and Track Marathon took place in Saint Petersburg. Sportsmen from 66 countries and 74 regions of the Russian Federation participated in the marathon. Sport lovers were able to follow the results of the race on the Match TV federal channel.

The marathon participants were greeted by Chairman of the Committee for physical education and sport Pavel Belov, three-time Olympic champion in track-and-field athletics Tatyana Kazankina, General Director of Tricolor TV Aleksey Kholodov and President of the Sport Federal of Track-and-Field Athletics of Saint Petersburg Julia Tarasenko. At 08:07 a.m. the chief judge of the TRICOLOR TV White Nights marathon fired the starting pistol giving the race participants the signal to start the marathon.

The winners on the distance of 42 km 195 m were: Yury Chechun (31 years, Tolyatti) who covered the distance within 2 hours 19 min.; the best time among females was shown by Nadezhda Leshchinskaya (32 years, Tolyatti) — 2 hours 36 minutes.

The first place on the 10 km distance was won by Mikhail Maksimov (31 years, Saint Petersburg), he ran the distance within 29 min. 51 sec. The female race was won by Anna Petrova (22 years, Saint Petersburg) with the excellent time of 33 min. 53 sec.

The youngest participants of the marathon were Mikhail Okhotnikov (23.12.2002) and Valeria Averyanova (11.11.2002) who ran the 10 km distance. The most elderly sportsman, Vladimir Pavlov, had his 85 birthday this year.

This year sportsmen from 66 countries of the world and 74 regions of the Russian Federation took part in the marathon. This popularity is accounted for by the complicated character and beauty of the track of the TRICOLOR TV White Nights Marathon which is rightly considered to be among the most beautiful in the world. The marathon track ran round the central part of the city against the background of world famous monuments of architecture, such as St. Isaac’s Cathedral, the Bronze Horseman, the Spit of Basil’s Island, Peter-and-Paul’s Fortress, Nevsky Prospect, Alexander Nevsky Laura and many others.

This year dozens of thousands spectators came to the Palace Square to support the runners and help them win a victory over the marathon and themselves. A number of special events were prepared for them on the Palace Square, including unusual creative photo zones and morning exercises with popular fitness bloggers organized by Tricolor TV.

Those who were unable to participate in the TRICOLOR TV White Nights Marathon which became a real holiday of sport and healthy lifestyle could watch the broadcasting of the marathon on the Match TV federal channel.

It is to be recalled that in 2017 the marathon got a new title partner: Tricolor TV, major Russian operator of digital television. TRICOLOR TV White Nights Marathon became the culmination of the socially oriented sport project of the operator: the Time of Victories with Tricolor TV, with another international marathon, the Second Pskov Tricolor TV Marathon held within its frames this May.

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