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Return of the cult fighters: Mortal Kombat will become available to the viewers of Tricolor online cinema

6 Мая 2021

A Warner Bros. remake of the legendary computer game Mortal Kombat will make its debut on May holidays in Tricolor online cinema.

Mortal Kombat will supplement the film library of the multiplatform operator’s online cinema four weeks after the general release. The popularity of the film among Russian viewers is evidenced by the box office receipts. The Hollywood blockbuster has grossed almost 800 million rubles domestically. Starting from May 7, Tricolor’s customers will be able to buy the fantasy blockbuster or rent it.

Mortal Kombat’s plot is built around a team of indefatigable savior warriors of Earthrealm who engage in a decisive combat against the enemies from Outworld. The heroic adventures begin when Cole Young learns about his true destination: to join the group of select warriors and get ready for a mortally dangerous combat excelling all mixed martial arts tournaments in which he had participated earlier. It happens that the fighters hold the destiny of the entire Earth in their hands.

In the film Mortal Kombat, the viewers will see many popular favorites such as Scorpion and Sub-Zero, enjoy the development of a canonic plot, cult costumes, and catchphrases, signature tricks leading to mortal bloodshed, and realms recreated to the finest detail.

The free application Tricolor Kino i TV operates on mobile devices and TV sets with Smart TV function, hybrid receives and TV Box. The operator’s customers also have access to a web version of the online cinema kino.tricolor.tv.

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