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Rules of eco-friendly living. How Tricolor helps you become more conscious in three steps

24 Июня 2022

Can a single individual influence the state of the environment and protect the Earth’s natural treasures? Yes, says the small deeds theory. Sometimes it suffices to regularly perform small deeds that prevent the deterioration of the environmental background: turn off the water while brushing your teeth, return plastic lids, replace disposable food bags with pouches made of fabric... Tricolor engages its customers in this system by offering durable equipment, quality service and the possibility of waste-free disposal of obsolete equipment. Here is what you can do every day to protect the planet for future generations:

Step 1. Buy durable and reliable things

Ecological lifestyle implies using things “as long as possible” and buying new things only when strictly necessary. To this end, it is recommended to bet on items made of durable materials, which will last longer than their flimsy counterparts. Of course, this way the purchase price becomes higher, but if you recalculate, you can see that by buying cheap things more often, you are overpaying a lot.

So, you can stop buying clothes from every new collection in the mass market and make a “capsule” of already existing items, in which all elements combine with all. You can also go to the store with your own cloth fruit bags instead of tearing off a plastic bag in the fruit and vegetable department of the store every time. For the especially advanced buyers there are reusable shoe covers, cotton pads and diapers.

These rules also apply to technology! Receivers, satellite dishes and other devices represented in the shop.tricolor.tv and Tricolor brand showrooms are manufactured in Gusev, Kaliningrad region – Russian manufacturer guarantees high quality of assembly and durability of materials.

Step 2. Repair a defective product

Sometimes things end up in the landfill with the slightest flaw that could have been corrected in a repair shop or even by yourself. Conscious consumers appreciate the services of ateliers, shoe workshops, service centers, craftsmen and repairmen. If the fault is not very serious, the repair will be cheaper than buying a new item. You can even upgrade an item by adapting stronger parts, and make it special and authentic. The longer you use an item, the less waste is generated and the less trash is released into the environment.

Tricolor service works 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so that customers can solve any problems that arise at any time. Contact our Customer Contact Center, if the receiver or antenna operates with difficulty – the operator will help understand the causes, and will find a master for repair and convenient time of visit if necessary.

Step 3. Recycle defective and obsolete items

Unfortunately, sooner or later all things wear out: clothes get torn, plates get broken, equipment irreparably fails. Even if there is no fault, items often become irrelevant due to changes in fashion or release of newer models with expanded functionality. At this point the question arises: “How to dispose end-of-life items so that they don’t harm the soil, water and air for the next few hundred years?” To do this, you need to organize separate waste collection at home and use hazardous waste collection points. For example, containers for collecting paper, plastic, and glass are available in many yards, but places to collect lids and batteries are less common. Specific garbage also includes soft plastic, egg trays, and pouches – packages from pet food.

The receivers via which customers use Tricolor services can be ecologically recycled, and it’s not hard at all! Just bring the equipment to any of our showrooms without disassembling it. This may be, for example, a receiver that has served you for many years, but has become obsolete and now does not allow you to fully appreciate all the benefits of services from Tricolor. The multiplatform operator cooperates with a socially responsible company for recycling equipment – each year we receive 600‑700 thousand devices from customers who we have already managed to motivate to take care of nature. 95-99 % of each receiver components are recyclable or can be returned to production. Waste that may have caused irreparable harm to animal populations by remaining in water and soil for 200‑500 years (such as plastic products) is reused, to make items ranging from garden tools to microchips.

You’re not alone – over the entire period of Tricolor’s cooperation with the recycling company, more than 7 million receivers have been recycled and turned in to Branded showrooms. The company is proud to have customers that are so conscious. You are the ones who make us the driving force in reducing the burden on the environment! Together, we put the small deeds theory into practice.

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