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Second Season of Open City Project Completes

26 december 2017

The closing ceremony of the second season of Open City cultural and educational project, with Tricolor TV serving as the project’s general partner, took place on December 21, 2017 in the Central House of Journalists.

Heads of the project, guides, lecturers, volunteers, as well as representatives of departments and organizations cooperating with and supporting the Open City project gathered in the auditorium of the House of Suhozanet, where the Central House of Journalists has been located since 1972.

Sergey Makarov, Chairman of the Committee for State Control, Use and Protection of Historical and Cultural Monuments, presented a report on the results of the second season of the cultural and educational project. Popularity of Open City Project, Sergey said, surpassed their initially modest expectations many times over. Today the project has more than 15,000 participants, and a total of 905 events attended by about 2,000 people were held in the period from April to December. This year the Open City project held events at 80 venues, of which 11 joined the project in 2017. Project participants enjoyed not only new venues, they were also introduced to many new event formats, such as bike tours and cleaning expeditions; these new events were as popular as popular tours and lectures.

Sergey Makarov thanked all the participants implementing and developing the Open City project.

Changes were also introduced on the project’s website. The «Access Denied» section contains information on sites, whose tenants, in violation of Article 44(2) of the Constitution of the Russian Federation, and Federal Law No. 73-FZ «On Cultural Heritage Objects (Monuments of History and Culture) of Peoples of the Russian Federation» dd. June 25, 2002, refuse access to Russian citizens for a variety of different and seldom convincing reasons.

Organizers of Open City thanked every organization and establishment taking part in the project. Their representatives, tour guides, lectures and volunteers received commendation letters and gifts from Tricolor TV.

Tricolor TV has traditionally provided assistance in developing various cultural projects in Russia. Alexey Kholodov, Director General of the largest satellite television operator in Russia, said that in his opinion Open City was one of the most significant social and cultural projects of the city, which demonstrates that St. Petersburg is a city of equal opportunities, and the cultural heritage of the city is accessible to every resident.

«Support of the Open City project is important to us because the company moved to St. Petersburg a couple of years ago, and we would like to contribute to retaining the Northern capital’s cultural traditions and provide cultural education opportunities to local residents.»

Next year Open City organizers plan to hold even more events, involve more venues into the project and attract volunteers more actively. To take part in the project, register and leave an application at открытыйгород.рф.

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