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The Immortal Regiment will be broadcast on Tricolor TV on the 75th anniversary of the victory in the WWII

21 Апреля 2020
The Immortal Regiment will be broadcast on Tricolor TV on the 75th anniversary of the victory in the WWII

A decision to postpone the Victory Day parade and cancel national march of the Immortal Regiment on 9 May, which has been adopted on 16 April due to the coronavirus pandemic, has affected every Russian family. Nevertheless, the memory of the glorious victory and the great feat of war heroes still lives in the hearts of people. On the anniversary of the victory it is really important for millions of Russians to pay their respects to the soldiers, the memory of which is treasured by generations after generations. Empathizing with the desire of people to feel the indescribable spirit of unity, Tricolor has initiated the transition of this all-Russian campaign to an online format and a TV broadcast using its technological capabilities. Despite everything, the Immortal Regiment will take place and its victorious march will continue but in this case on TV screens.

Anyone can tell the story of their friends and family members who were combat veterans or homefront workers while staying at home. For this purpose, it is necessary to fill in a proposed form on and upload a photo to the special website намважнопомнить.рф. After moderation all stories will become available on the web page of the project, and the first 2,000 submitted stories will be formed into video clips and shown on Tricolor's own TV channel Victory Day, which is already available to 40 million viewers. The project Immortal Regiment on Air will begin its TV march on 1 May.

Upon termination of the project the stories about heroic defenders of our Motherland published on the website намважнопомнить.рф will be stored on the website of the Immortal Regiment. Today, more than 20,000 people visit the official page of the social movement every day, and over the past calendar year, almost 2.4 million users have visited the website of the Immortal Regiment. More than 700 people have already shared their stories on the website намважнопомнить.рф.

Andrew Nesterov, Tricolor's Deputy Director General for Strategic and Operative Marketing, says, "We all understand perfectly well that each of us has an inherited memory of the Great Patriotic War and no pandemic can cancel the Victory Day. During these difficult times when we are all in lockdown, a campaign in collaboration with the Immortal Regiment will allow us to maintain a sense of engagement with the Great Victory and honour the memory of our victorious soldiers."

"The project launched together with Tricolor is very relevant as for many people it represents that very "door" through which they enter on the path of their memory. Thanks to the project, we see dozens of stories sent to our website every week. We read these stories and understand that they are about people, they are heartfelt, they have many details, they are not just a formal record of a person's biography, but a real manifestation of love. In particular, this is thanks to a very correct personal nature of Tricolor's project Victory Day, attitude of its host Kirill Nabutov, and thanks to people participating in the project who talk about their family on air. There are no theatrics or march movements. Just people talking about people," says Sergei Lapenkov, Co-Chairperson of the Interregional Historical and Patriotic Movement Immortal Regiment.

Victory Day, a large-scale social and multimedia project of Tricolor created to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the victory in the Great Patriotic War, was launched on 3 April. A homonymic TV channel and an interactive project in collaboration with the social movement Immortal Regiment became parts of this project. The Victory Day channel broadcasts via satellite and online with the help of the application Tricolor Kino I TV.

The Immortal Regiment is an international public civil and patriotic movement aimed at preservation of personal memories about the generation of the Great Patriotic War, as well as a name of the march campaigns organized by this movement.

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