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The time of wonderful stories: TV channels History and H2 as part of Tricolor’s services

23 Января 2020
The time of wonderful stories: TV channels History and H2 as part of Tricolor’s services

The stories that changed the world of things, ancient secrets of the universe, the life of war heroes — programs on these and other topics are available to Tricolor’s clients on new channels starting on 23 January.

Tricolor’s clients will be able to watch the TV channels History and H2 via satellite as part of the operator’s packages Single, Single Ultra HD, Single Extra.

On the HISTORY channel 

HISTORY is an international channel covering more than 98 million households. It broadcasts shows marked with large awards and infotainment immersive programs involving the spectator in studying the historical events. In the fully original TV grid of the channel there are popular shows The curse of Oak Island, Between the hammer and the anvil, In isolation, Pawnshop Stars, American collectors. 

About the channel H2

H2 continues the concept of fascinating history but in an even brighter and more available format. The channel offers the spectators to take a look at the past in terms of its influence on today’s world and pop culture. In H2 programs unexpected historical parallels are drawn, enthralling plots disclosed and wonderful facts told for you to share with your friends. The special success among the spectators of the entire world are the show Brad Melzer: Lost history, the series Ancient visitors and the project Humankind: The history of us all. In total the H2 library includes over 4,500 hours of international programs watched in more than 65 countries.

The channels are available to Tricolor’s clients in HD-format in the coverage area of the satellite «Express-АМУ1»: History — under No.359 in the total list of the channels, H2 — under No.361.

Background information:

A+E Networks is one of the world’s leading media companies and the second-largest cable television network in the U.S. The TV channels of A+E Networks are watched by more than 350 million families in more than 150 countries of the world. A+E Networks is a joint enterprise of Disney-ABC Television Group and Hearst Corporation. A+E Networks consists of the following networks and divisions: A&E®, Lifetime®, HISTORY®, LMN®, bio.®, H2™, HISTORY en Español™, LRW®, Crime & Investigation Network®, Military HISTORY®, A&E IndieFilms®, A+E Networks International®, A+E Networks Digital® and A+E Networks Consumer Products®.

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