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The world in Ultra HD format: Tricolor stated a premium TV channel Love Nature 4K

18 Декабря 2019
The world in Ultra HD format: Tricolor stated a premium TV channel Love Nature 4K

The multiplatform digital media operator Tricolor offered to the clients the ninth UHD-channel — Love Nature 4K. By the number of TV channels of ultrahigh definition Tricolor assuredly takes the first place not only in Russia but also in Europe.

Love Nature 4K is a premium TV channel about wildlife with the world’s largest catalog of TV series and documentaries in Ultra HD format. The TV channel’s broadcast schedule is based on educational programs on nature and animal world. At the same time, there are no infotainment programs or reality shows in the broadcast of Love Nature 4K.

«Tricolor, the absolute leader of 4K-broadcasting in Russia, has offered to its clients a unique informative TV channel. Love Nature 4K allows the spectators to enjoy the beauty of our planet in exquisite detail and stunning quality. Tricolor continues to develop the UHD-package which comprises already nine channels today, including two TV channels of its own production», — Tricolor’s content manager Arsen Khomutov says.

The new TV channel is available to Tricolor’s clients in the packages Single Ultra HD and Ultra HD. In the total list of TV channels Love Nature 4K broadcasts under the No.59.

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