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The Fist volunteer campaign of the «Open City»

15 august 2017

On 12 August 2017 «Tricolor TV» operator and the «Open city» project held in the «Mikhailovka» Palace and Park ensemble this year’s first volunteer campaign aimed at attracting public attention to the monuments of history and architecture awaiting restoration, and provision of feasible help in preserving the cultural heritage of St. Petersburg.

The event was attended by and participated actively by indifferent to architecture and art, interested in the history and culture the old friends of the «Open city», who visited a lot of tours and lectures of the project. To apply for participation in the volunteer clean-could everyone, and only a limited number of seats is determined a group of volunteers from 100 people, in whose ranks were the bloggers and the press representatives.

80 people signed up to the volunteer clean-up via the website открытыйгород.рф

The work on beautification of the estate was led by the head of Agency on management and use of monuments of history and culture of the Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation Roman Rebelo, acting Chairman of the KGIOP Alexey Mikhailov, Chairman of the Central Council of the all-the Russian society of protection of monuments of history and culture Artem Demidov, Deputy Chairman of the St. Petersburg city branch of all-the Russian society of protection of monuments of history and culture, head of the project «Open city» Anton Ivanov, the Director of the North-West branch of AUIPIK Valery Boronenkov, press Secretary of the largest Russian operator of digital television «Tricolor TV» Juliana Rasskazova and Director of strategic marketing of GS Group holding Andrey Bezrukov.

The participants were cleaed the terraces and stairs of the manor

The volunteers divided into groups, with assistance provided by the organizers of the inventory have cleared part of the territory from garbage, mowing the grass, cleaned the spontaneously grown trees on three small areas of the complex. After a few hours the participants had a hot lunch, cooked on a real field kitchen. Then the organizers and officials handed activists the advertising souvenirs, and talked about planning a series of volunteer events, the need for such voluntary work and expressed gratitude to the volunteers who faithfully and enthusiastically worked on this day. At the end of the event, two guides held for participants a tour on the estate.

The guide told activists of the «Mikhailovka», its owners and guests

This action was the first in a series of volunteer Saturdays, which are scheduled for August-September 2017 by the «Tricolor TV» operator and the «Open city» project, during which activists will be able to see unique objects of historical heritage, but also by their own hands to contribute to their preservation and improvement.

As you know, today, many monuments of history and architecture, and just the objects of cultural and historical interest, are awaiting restoration, often being in rather sad state. The project «Open city» and «Tricolor TV» guided tours on such semi-abandoned, forgotten places, to bring them to the attention of the public and to give the buildings and parks extra chance to recover and contemporaries — the ability to see with their own eyes what soon may be wholly or partially lost due to the lack of restoration work.

In the next two months it is planned to hold three volunteer events more

As a reminder, to participate in promotions, attend tours, lectures and quests «Open city», it is necessary to register and leave an application on our site открытыйгород.рф.

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