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The flag day of Russia with «Tricolor TV»: a holiday guide

18 august 2017

For «Tricolor TV» has become a tradition to celebrate the Day of State flag of the Russian Federation. Recall, how was the day of «state flag» before, and unveil the veil of secrecy on the celebration, coming August 22 of this year.


22 Aug 2014. Moscow. Manezhnaya square. The most modern equipment, 8 powerful projectors, synchronizing their work to the media server, high quality Varifocal lens for a mapping show. And more than 4,000 people gathered to enjoy the giant video projection, which for a few hours «revive» the historic building of the Central exhibition hall «Manege».

As it was

Looped 10-minute 3D movie with music was the culmination of the festival and was broadcasted from the evening until 4 p.m. After midnight without the sound, but to assess «easy to use» was able virtually every camper at the moment in the historical centre of the city.

The video consisted of 5 blocks and included, among other things, classical architectural mapping — building, changing textures and materials, and architectural metamorphosis. The «main characters» of the show were the three beams of light (white, blue, red), traveling through fantastic worlds. The audience also showed the world of the future: the building was turned into a futuristic object using a neon painting. The final scene of the show was a recreation of the launch into Earth orbit of the rocket with the satellite on Board.

And that’s not all

The light show was preceded by a flash mob — 170 participants performed a dance in white, blue and red shirts.

And each imprinted with the tri-color balloons on the background of the Kremlin and Manege and posted the photo in any social network with hashtag #denticular or #tricolorday right on the spot got the t-shirt with the symbols of the holiday.

Even the smallest TV audience of «Tricolor TV» got memorable gifts.

The holiday concert of «National Flag Day»

22 Aug 2016. Moscow. The concert hall «Crocus city Hall». The largest operator of digital television «Tricolor TV» together with the First channel in honor of the national holiday organized a concert, which was attended by the national pop stars.

These names are familiar to every resident of our country: Grigory Leps, Larisa Dolina, Alexander Rosenbaum, Olga Kormukhina, Igor Nikolaev, Oleg Gazmanov, Zara, Alexander Buinov, Polina Gagarina, Vitas, Christina Orbakajte, Valeria, Stas Peha, Natalia Podolskaya and Vladimir Presnyakov.

Guests of the celebration were officers of Russia, representatives of the Moscow Federation of trade unions and social child institutions. Total 6000 were invited.

On 27 August 2016 the First channel was held a live broadcast of the concert of «State Flag Day».

The holiday concert in honor of the Day of State flag of the Russian Federation.

22 Aug 2017. Moscow. The main concert hall of the country — the State Kremlin Palace. The organizers are the largest operator of digital television «Tricolor TV» and First channel.

Invited guests can watch the performances of Larisa Dolina, Christina Orbakajte, Lolita, Alexander Marshall, Stas Pyekha, «City 312» group, «Factory» and many other stars of the domestic variety.

A bit of history

Flag day is dedicated to the revived Russian flag — «the state tricolor». It was established in 1994 by the decree of the President of Russia and for the first time was widely celebrated in 2007.

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