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The main colors of the country: the tricolor festival

16 august 2017

Russia is a vast multi-ethnic country, whose inhabitants are equally proud of their homeland. Speaking of the vast steppes, snowy tundra, mountains and vineyards, forests and lakes, remote villages and never sleeping cities, we admire our Fatherland, so beautiful and so different, united under one flag and one name — Russia.

Common to all the countries holidays and traditions remind us of the great history, traditions and culture of the people. «Tricolor TV» actively support the national holiday, uniting all the residence of our country. Thus, the operator in different years carried out actions and projects devoted to the Victory Day, Russia Day and the Day of State flag of the Russian Federation.

The white-blue-red flag became national symbol of Russia relatively recently: in 1991, when over the White house in Moscow had raised the tricolour adopted as the flag of a state official by Government decree.

This symbol is associated with interesting historical facts. For example:

1. Initially, the tricolor was raised in the XVII century on the first Russian military ship «Eagle» under Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich.

2. Spread the flag was given by Peter I, when ordered to raise his on merchant ships. Thus, according to the legend, the sketch was created by the Emperor himself.

3. There are several versions of «decoding» colors of the tricolor. Based to one of them, white means freedom, blue is the virgin patronizing Russia, red is autocracy. According to the second, the white symbolizes nobility, blue is honesty, red is courage and generosity inherent in the Russian people. The third version assigns multiple values to each of the bands: white is nobility and frankness; blue is loyalty, honesty, perfection and chastity; red is courage, boldness, magnanimity and love.

4. The tricolor became national symbol only in 1896, and in April 1918, was abolished by the Bolsheviks, finally returning to its place of honor at official and ceremonial events of the Russian Federation in 1991.

Today, the Day of State flag of the Russian Federation is widely celebrated with solemn processions, flashmobs, auto and motocross, and of course, holiday concerts, whose main goal is to tell the countrymen the history of the holiday, the importance and value of state symbols.

«Tricolor TV» as the largest national operator of digital television, supports the idea of unity and equal opportunity for every citizen of the country, realizing their position through providing access to high quality TV and satellite high speed Internet for all the Russians, regardless of whether they are in large cities or small towns.

On the Day of State flag «Tricolor TV» together with the First channel traditionally organize a solemn concert with participation of Russian pop stars. Broadcast of the concert, all the Russians will be able to watch in the First channel.

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