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The «Open city» project and «Tricolor TV» create the volunteer movement for the protection of historical and cultural monuments in St. Petersburg

9 august 2017

On 12 August 2017 in the framework of the «Open city» project St. Petersburg will be held the first event of the volunteer movement for preservation of cultural heritage.

In most countries, concern for preservation of ancient monuments is not only the duty of the state, but also the task of the public.

«It is a very important public initiative. In this case, people are ready, not in word but in deed, to participate in the preservation of cultural heritage. The Committee encourages volunteers to join this action, — said Sergei Makarov, the Chairman of the Committee. — Of course, preservation of the monuments is supposed to carry out such works, which do not require special skills and licenses, for example, to clear the territory from garbage. Unfortunately, we still have a lot of abandoned monuments, and work enough for everyone. The main thing is not to turn a blind eye to this problem, that’s why the help of the citizens is very valuable.»

In August and September the «Open city» project that is implemented by the St. Petersburg branch of Voopiik, in partnership with «Tricolor TV», the largest Russian operator of digital television with the support of the government of St. Petersburg invites everyone to the Voluntary Saturdays. Just four campaigns are planning. The first of these will take place on 12 August 2017 in «Mikhailovka» Palace and Park ensemble on the Peterhof road. To participate, you need to sign up for the event on the website of открытыйгород.рф.

Events are held in connection with the Agency for management and use of monuments of history and culture (AUIPIK) of the Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation, all-the Russian society of protection of monuments of history and culture and the Committee on State Control, Use and Protection of Historical and Cultural Landmarks

Assistance in the organization of the voluntary movement has rendered also by a strategic partner of «Tricolor TV» — the GS Group.

Data on the voluntarymovement for the preservation of monuments of history and culture:

The organizer of the voluntary movement in St. Petersburg is the cultural-educational project «Open city» that was implemented by the St. Petersburg branch of Voopiik, with the support of the government of St. Petersburg. The project partners are the largest Russian operator of digital television «Tricolor TV» and the GS Group holding company. Everyone can contribute to the preservation of the monuments of the Northern capital. More than 10 000 concerned citizens of St. Petersburg were registered on the website of the project.

The program of «Open city» project contains about 100 routes of 70 previously inaccessible cultural heritage sites that are of architectural and historical pride of St. Petersburg. However, not all the monuments of history and culture today are in a satisfactory condition. Some are abandoned and in need of assistance. To help in the preservation of such objects we can do: clear the area of debris, to remove the branches and weeds, to close the passages for vandals to hide valuable finishes.

This summer in Moscow, the volunteers of the all-Russian society of protection of monuments of history and culture (Voopiik) and French REMPART began work at the Donskoy monastery and in Palibin House.

Now the voluntary movement for the protection of monuments of history and culture is created in St. Petersburg.

«Voluntary project «Open city» continues the tradition of voluntary restoration groups, which began with the work of the Monuments. Today volunteering is extremely popular and in demand of many European countries. Such a movement is reviving in Russia, thanks to the support of the Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation. Participation in volunteer work gives you the opportunity to make a contribution to the good cause of saving the monuments of history and culture, becoming an integral part of the development of civil society, brings together active people around this important social topics. Volunteering in protection of monuments that is a form against the ravages of time and involvement to the art of architecture» — said the Deputy Chairman of the St. Petersburg city branch of all-the Russian society of protection of monuments of history and culture Anton Ivanov.

«Open city» is a socially important project, revealing new facets of the rich cultural heritage of the Northern capital. And the organization of the voluntary movement for conservation of architectural monuments of St. Petersburg is a very proper development of this wonderful project. As a leader in their field, «Tricolor TV» considers necessary to support such a useful and socially important initiatives,» adds Director of public relations «Tricolor TV» Elizabeth Kapralova.

Volunteers of the «Open city» will take part in a series of special events for improvement in the following monuments of history and culture:

— «Mikhailovka» Palace and Park ensemble, Palace v. ir. Mikhail Nikolayevich. Sankt-Peterburgskoe shosse, d. 109.

—Besobrasova Dacha (Zhernovka). Irinovskiy Prospekt, 9.

— Estate Of E. G. Igala. Kamennoostrovsky Prospekt 60.

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