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Treugolnik Association of Russian-American Manufactory

26 june 2017

The walking tour of Treugolnik Association of Russian-Americam Manufacture organized by the Open City is attractive not only for people interested in architecture of industrial structures: the program includes an in-depth historical introduction, getting to know the interior and exterior of the factory and even the facilities used in filmmaking of the Russian cinematograph.

Guide Valentina Lelina helps the visitors to get a general idea of the industrial development in Russia in the XIX century, to follow the changes in the appearance of the factory over one hundred and fifty years of its existence, to imagine what the Obvodny Canal embankment looked like almost two hundred years ago when the industrial revolution had just started and navigation was opened.

By the late 60ies of the XIX century it dawned on German entrepreneur Ferdinand Krauzkopf: a rubber footwear producing plant is in for success on the territory of Russia with its vast expanses and at the same time lack of public services and amenities. Jointly with his compatriots Krauzkopf established the Association of Russian-American rubber manufacture under Treugolnik brand (ARARM) in 1859 and in 1869 the first galoshes came out. Treugolnik became a real «goldmine»: within a year the enterprise gained the first profit with an income of 30% (for comparison, the income of Putilov plant at the same time was limited to 6%) and the products made under this brand were incredibly popular even abroad.

Member of the Union of Architects of the RF
and a leading specialist in the field of history of industrial architecture Valentina Lelina
A triangle on the sole became a sort of «quality mark»


The engineering works were also carried out with participation of American specialists; the plant was equipped at the state-of-the-art level and the high salary and the tasks which could be performed by practically anybody attracted a huge number of those willing to get employed. Women mostly worked there — they were not afraid even of kerosene vapors and the possible consequences of working in hazardous production. Therefore, for a quite a long period of time there was steadily high competition among workers.


Today the premises are leased out: the territory of Treugolnik accommodates offices, car repair shops and some structures have attracted starting musicians by their remoteness.

The strong room is a phenomenon of the XIX century; there are no engineering solutions of this kind now.

The premises accommodating sports halls now used to house workers’ canteens.

The tumble-down house is a participant of shooting «Stalingrad» by Bondarchuk. The large territory of the plant provides enough space for filmmakers of many films and serials (in 2010, for example, Ligovka serial was made here).

It will be recalled that the participation in the tours or lectures of the Open City is free — one can see the full list of the events as well as get registered and leave a request for a visit on the website открытыйгород.рф.

The Open City cultural and educational project is implemented with direct participation of Tricolor TV, the major Russian operator of digital television.

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